I feel like a bit of a fraud creating this page considering I am still on my weight loss journey, but background is good!

I was always a chubby child. I remember looking in the mirror, hating my chubby little face. I remember my mum telling me I was fine, it was puppy fat, it would go away with age. She lied! It never did, and I always felt annoyed at this. I was always the chubby child, and when I look back at pictures I cringe. I was never huge, but big enough to look overweight.

When I hit my teens I began to think more about my weight, and my morals and life in general. I went vegetarian, much to the ire of my meat eating parents. I decided to make my own meals, however these were cheese and egg filled meals usually. Regardless of this I lost weight, in fact, when I was around 15 I was the lightest I have ever been in my life, around 9 stone and a size 10. I still thought I was fat!

I moved out of home, and sadly went back to eating meat. I’m not sure why, I question it often. The weight piled on, slowly to begin with, but during pregnancy with my son I really ate for two. It opened the floodgates to a bad habit of binge eating. Not diagnosable, not so┬ábad I felt sick binge eating, but frequent bouts of late evening eating that I still struggle with nowadays. After my son I reached around 14 stone which was horrifying enough, but after my daughter I was around 16 stone.

I have yoyo lost weight over the years, three times now I have lost three stone. Unfortunately each time I was heavier than the previous when I started so I am going nowhere fast.

This time although being on a plateau I have managed to maintain most of the three stone for a number of months which is better than any previous time.