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Vegfest Scotland 2016 Sunday – Food & Activism

Vegfest Scotland 2016 – Food & Activism

Day 2 – Sunday 4th December

As my previous post covers, on Saturday I had spent the day volunteering for the Vegan Society, but on Sunday I had plans for attending with my daughter, who is also vegan, in fact she is coming up for her one year veganniversary just after Christmas, and my non-vegan niece.

Vegfest Scotland 2016 - Cool Jerk Pie

I started the day off with a Christmas pie from Cool Jerk Vegan Pies, bought the previous day. I love that the weekend of Vegfest all eating rules go out of the window and it really is eat whatever is vegan, whenever!

I had studied the schedule, looked at the talks, and decided I wanted to go to many of them. In reality though with a child in tow, and a long day ahead, we would more than likely go to just a couple. The doors opened at 10am, and we arrived around 10.30am.

The first aim was to get around the majority of the stalls, we headed to the sheese stall, their vegan cheese is probably one of the more well known examples, plus with the whole “Gary” thing in Sainsbury’s, I’m sure they are doing quite well. Weirdly, they (Bute Island Foods) are also based out of my old home town! Funny that the place I grew up is responsible for one of the most well known vegan cheeses in the UK. My niece had never tried vegan cheese before and was surprised at how much like normal cheese it tasted, even my daughter who isn’t keen on cheese gave it a try and loved the plain cream cheese. I know they also make unbranded versions for tesco so with that being my nearest shop I shall get some for her. Next up Koko, we don’t need to be convinced by Koko, I buy their products nearly every week, my daughter, and non vegan son love their thick creamy yoghurts.

After this we visited a lot of the smaller stalls, including MaRoberts where I picked up some Extra Hot Chilli Sauce and more, and then some of the charity stalls including the Save Movement, Earthlings Experience and others.

Vegan Activism is something I am interested in, hence a large part of why I have this blog. I am a quiet, sometimes socially awkward person, (although others may not think that of me), but veganism is a cause I am truly behind and would love to encourage others to move towards it. I truly believe a vegan life is one of the only things that will save this world, keeping it habitable for the life that already lives there. I also think that the reality of what animals go through, to be born into a life of terror and torture, to barely make it past their youth, then to be herded into a slaughter house is just unacceptable. People love their dogs, cats, but are fine with paying for the mass slaughter of billions of animals, I just think if more people actually related to their food, they would make the choice to go vegan. I know not all people think like this, but this is why the three pronged argument of veganism is so important. You don’t care about animals? Well, what about your future generations survival? You don’t care about that either? Well what about the fact there is a growing, and only continuing to grow body of scientific evidence that shows we aren’t really supposed to eat meat, and that actually it is responsible for many of the illnesses that plague, and eventually kill us? Knowing how to tackle activism though for me I find difficult. I am happy to wax lyrical about the benefits of veganism with people who I meet in day to day life, via this site, instagram, twitter etc, but I really want to work with other like minded people to work together, it’s lonely on your own!

The Save Movement group is a form of activism I am interested in, being there to witness and acknowledge the animals as they are taken to their end is something that must be incredibly difficult, but I can imagine the footage that these people take could encourage some to open their eyes to the reality of what happens. There are vigils based in Paisley which is nearby to me, in the New Year I may look into some activism there. Another form of activism I am interested in is The Earthlings Experience. Earthlings is one of those films many people watch either when they are going vegan, or it can even be what turns them vegan, it is free to view here, it is not an easy watch, but to truly understand the process of what is on your table, I believe everyone should watch it, or at least part of it. Otherwise it is willful ignorance, and I’m sure most wouldn’t want to be branded that. The Earthlings Experience go out into the streets, usually wearing masks, and hold laptops/tables that are showing slaughterhouse footage. The masks are used for two reasons as far as I understand, firstly, they catch peoples attention, people come over curious to see what is going on, secondly, they shield the activists from any abuse, and keeps them anonymous. We attended the talk by the Earthlings Experience Scotland and afterwards I spoke to them, and have since joined a facebook group for people interested in taking part. I suppose people may see this as extreme, but the footage they show is typical footage, taken recently in the UK. It is only showing people what really happens. Again, this is something I wouldn’t be able to do until after the New Year, but I am 100% going to try to fit this in.

Vegfest Scotland 2016 - Flying Duck Food

Vegfest Scotland 2016 - Fruit Kebab








After this we went back to the foods, I had a hotdog from the flying duck stall, my daughter had a burger and niece had ramen, I ended up having some of all of them and they were all very tasty! We then moved on to Captain James TeaCook, who frequents many of the vegfests, keeping the children entertained. My daughter made a rainbow fruit kebab with other kids, which she enjoyed thoroughly. We then attended the Vegan Society talk by Alex Douglas which was thoroughly enjoyable and suggested many easy ways to engage with vegan activism even with limited time and budget.

Vegfest Scotland 2016 - Pitxu's Cakes!On our way out we purchased a box of four cakes from Pitxu’s stall. Every single one of them was delicious, I tried a bit of all of them when we got home and I’ve got to say these well and truly hit the spot! My diet is pleased that they aren’t readily available. My daughter also had Henna done by the people from Lesmahago Eco Farm and some of the best face paint I’ve ever seen in the kids area, by Tini Designs, if we’re ever in need of a face painter I
know where I’m going to book!

Overall, another great Vegfest was had, the only problem is the money! I wish I had about four or five times the amount I did. We visited many other stalls too, too many to mention, but really it is full of vegan food, products, information, everything you could want! I hope it’s back next year, although the Scottish Vegan Festival in Edinburgh have just announced their date for April so I’ll need to get saving again! 10/10 for an awesome weekend.

Vegfest Scotland 2016 Saturday – Volunteering

Vegfest Scotland 2016 – Volunteering with the Vegan Society

Day 1 – Saturday 3rd December 2016

I love Vegfest! I thought I best get that out there as it’s true. The only thing I don’t love about Vegfest is that I don’t have enough money to buy everything that I see. For me, vegan festivals are a chance to meet other vegans, and be surrounded by people who share the same mindset. Other than my daughter, and some people I have met through volunteering, I know no other vegans. I really need to make some actual friends, who I can spend time with who are vegan. Of course, being vegan isn’t the only thing that matters to me, I have lots of awesome friends and family who aren’t vegan and who I love very much, but sometimes you just want to be around other people who share your philosophy. For me, this is what vegfest means. Awesome food, interesting people, and educational talks, and most of all fun!

I had previously volunteered with the Vegan Lifestyle Association, but sadly they wrapped up not too long ago. My previous volunteering experience had taught me that I definitely would like to continue with some form of activism. I am already the local contact in Inverclyde for the Vegan Society, and they are one of the most recognisable front facing charities promoting veganism so thought I may as well drop them an email and see if I could join in. Happily, they were looking for volunteers for Vegfest, so I signed up for the Saturday, knowing on the Sunday I would be taking my daughter.

I arrived at Vegfest on Saturday and quickly grabbed some lunch from the greedy fox stand. One of the best things about vegfest, being able to eat EVERYTHING without worrying about what is in it!

Vegfest Scotland 2016 Greedy Fox

This messy looking picture is a pulled seitan burger with coleslaw bought from Greedy Rabbit Catering. It was really difficult to eat, but the taste was delicious! I ate it with as much speed as possible and headed over to the Vegan society stand to get my t-shirt.



Vegfest Scotland 2016 me

Having been given my T-shirt I shot off to get changed, excuse my stupid face, I was in the toilets in a rush here! I had been sent out information already about what happens on the stand, I had researched the vegan society also so I knew more solidly their aims, what they do, who they work with etc. I met the lovely Ellie, Peter and Alex who all work for the Vegan Society down in Birmingham. They showed me how to use the till, card-reader, pricing etc and off I went.

It was a three hour, busy stint, but honestly, I loved every minute. A lot of people who I spoke to weren’t fully vegan, it always surprises me how many non-vegans attend a vegan festival, it shows there is a lot of interest though. I spoke to what felt like hundreds of people, my throat was hoarse afterwards. I suppose there isn’t really much detail I can give about volunteering other than be ready to speak to many many people, some of whom have been vegan for years, others who have just switched, and many who are considering it. Be ready to speak about all aspects of veganism, ethics, health, environmental issues, food, families, ease of going vegan, cost, every single thing you could think of will come up! I thoroughly recommend volunteering though. For me, being vegan is a start but realistically I would like to encourage others to become vegan in the most affective way for me. Part of that process is having this website, my instagram, facebook and twitter. Getting the message out there in hopefully a positive way. I’m thinking about taking my activism further, although I will speak about that more in my next post about Day 2 at vegfest.

Vegfest Scotland 2016 All About Patisserie


To finish this post I will share some delicious cake that I bought from the All About Patisserie. Both were delicious, one being Banana and Chocolate and the other being Apple and Cinnamon. The Apple and Cinnamon was so good I went back on Sunday and got another piece! Part two coming tomorrow.


Edinburgh Vegan Festival – Volunteering

Volunteering Experience at the Edinburgh Vegan Festival

Vegan Lifestyle Association

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while but life has got so busy recently. I solemnly swear that I am going to make more posts with less time in between, getting the work/home life balance has been hard for the first few months but I’m getting there.

Anyway, onto the post, on the 20th August 2016 I got to do something I never thought I would do, be a volunteer for a vegan charity at a very busy vegan festival! The Vegan Lifestyle Association is an important charity for me, only a couple of weeks after going vegan I attended the Glasgow Vegfest last December, and I was almost overwhelmed, it was so busy, so many different foods, different types of people, it was amazing, and different for me, but also overwhelming to the senses. I stopped at a stall (one of many) and got speaking to the guy working there, I told him I was very new and he was so friendly, very welcoming, said to check out the website, I signed up. It stuck with me, the guy being so nice, so I read the emails when they came (which really wasn’t often), checked out the website, followed them on social media etc. One day an email came out asking for volunteers at the vegan festivals in the UK. My initial thought was “That sounds great, but you know it’s not something you will ever do”. Negative thinking striking again, along with “You can’t volunteer for a vegan charity, you’re fat! What kind of example is that?!” I’m clearly lovely to myself, ignoring the 50 pounds weight loss I focused on the negatives.

Somewhere inside though the not so negative me thought just email, you will get to meet other vegans (I know none personally other than my daughter), you will get to do some activism in a non-scary way. I’ve always imagined if my life had went differently I would have ended up doing animal rights activism, even in pre-vegan days I dearly loved animals,  the cognitive dissonance between loving them and still eating them pains me to remember.

So, I emailed, and got a reply, yes they would love my help, can you do these dates? So that was that, many months ago I signed up for something I dearly wanted to try, but almost stopped myself.

20th August cam around, I was terrified! Ridiculous really looking back, but I was so scared. I got on the train to Edinburgh begrudgingly, almost thinking of calling in sick, but didn’t knowing that no matter what I really wanted to do this.

Got to the Edinburgh Vegan Festival, I’d never been to where it was (the Roxburghe Hotel) but I had planned the route extensively, 20 times or more, double, triple, quadruple checking in case the roads had moved in the last 5 minutes, I took screenshots, written instructions, the lot.

When I got there I met David Harrow, the founder of the Vegan Lifestyle Association, lovely guy, I actually think it may have been him I spoke to at vegfest. He gave me the run down (I had extensively researched the charity already for days!) and we prepared for opening. I was doing 4 hours with him and another fellow, another lovely, slightly sarcastic chap called Roy who was arriving soon.

VLA Stand

The VLA stand

He gave me a T-Shirt which I changed into and I stood nervously waiting for the doors to open.

VLA T-shirt

Me in the T-Shirt

That’s me, in the toilet, nervous as hell!

The doors opened to a trickle, the VIP’s were in first, I watched David speak to a few people, one of the first people was actually quite anti-vegan, the first of a few, not sure why they come to a vegan festival but the VLA are completely non-judgemental and invite anyone to join for free, for advice, and support in moving towards a vegan lifestyle. It was good to see how David handled this and off I went. The trickle very quickly turned to a flood when the doors opened for everyone, Roy appeared and David went off to speak to other stall holders. Roy had done this before so it was great to be volunteering with him.

The day was a great success, we had very high sign up rates (it’s free to join, really, the only things you get are all positives, there is no catch), I spoke to so many lovely people, even new people, I wondered if, in a years time they might be volunteering somewhere thinking about that person who spoke to them at the Vegan Festival!

I would really recommend volunteering to anyone interested, for me it was a nice in road to activism, and I may continue on that path, I’ve been considering the Earthling’s experience in Glasgow, not sure if I’m quite that brave yet though!

I’m volunteering again, twice this year in fact. First off at the Scottish Vegan Festival on the 1st October and then again, at the very festival I spoke to the VLA at, Glasgow Vegfest, on the 3rd and 4th December. I can’t wait!

While at the Edinburgh Vegan Festival I also had some delicious food, a hotdog with cheese and nacho’s, plus some cakes. I love being able to buy vegan food! Also, more cool jerk vegan pies, I buy these wherever I see them, and I had bought them previously and posted on instagram, the guy remembered and gave me an awesome discount! Apparently he got a few followers from my post, result!


vegan pies and cakesAll round I really had a great day. I love my family and friends, but other than my daughter I knew no vegans, and it can be lonely. Getting to speak to literally hundreds of other vegans really felt food, and I can’t wait to do it again.

I’m now going to tell all of you why you should become a member of the Vegan Lifestyle Association – membership is free, they don’t bombard you with emails, they have a list of retailer discounts, offer one to one mentoring when required. They are completely run by volunteers, they don’t even have offices and no one takes a wage.  Their aim of promoting veganism in a non-judgemental positive light, in the UK and everywhere. They have over 8000 members and are the largest vegan charity in the United Kingdom and they only started in February 2015.

You can find their site here, facebook here and twitter here. You have nothing to lose, so why not!

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