Yesterday I reached my biggest ever streak on my fitness pal, 200 days! This was great, I was really pleased as previously the highest I reached was 99, how annoying when I forgot to log in that one day for 100 and went straight back to zero. I actually stopped using it for a while then.

Even though I have reached 200 days, I have a confession to make. The last 50 or so have been distinctly average. I have been unintentionally eating at maintenance levels, not completing my food diaries for the day knowing I have eaten a little more than I would really like. I have lost just under 50 pounds, obviously this is an achievement I am proud of, however, in all honesty, I am still really fat. I still have a long way to. 80 pounds of a long way to go. I will never get to a weight which is healthy while I am having distinctly average days.

I don’t beat myself up too badly for straying a little, I have just finished university and began work experience, these changes have upset the cart a little, but it is time to get this show on the road again.

So today, day 201, I am recommitting to this journey. I will not let this slip away, it is too damn important and I have came too far. Today, I eat at my set calorie amount, or if I am at my step goal, or have done yoga, 200¬†or so above. My calorie goal is 1340. I know calorie counting doesn’t work for all, some find it too rigid, restrictive, but for me, without those mental barriers, I just allow myself to eat, and eat, and eat some more. I think I may need to calorie count forever, or maybe I just can’t imagine me ever actually being a healthy weight! Either way, for the moment calorie counting is what works for me.

Also, I am back on the smoothies, I will post one of these in a separate post but I find they fill me up, are full of nutrients, and I toy with the idea of more raw food so these help me out with that!

Here is the link to my myfitnesspal page, feel free to add me, I am always looking for more friends on there.