This post is part two, following on from the original post about Blood Tests for Health, you should probably read that first if you haven’t already.

I sent my results via the post office on the Friday afternoon and by the Tuesday I had my results and doctors feedback by way of an email and an update on the Medichecks website.

It was a bit of a mixed bag, some of which I was surprised about and other bits not so surprised.

Starting from the top down –

  • Alanine Transferase – Raised levels can show an inflamed liver which can be caused by alcohol, drugs or hepatitis.
  • Alkaline Phosphatase – Test for problems with liver, gallbladder or bones, raised levels can show bone or liver disease.
  • Creatine Kinase – Shows muscle cell damage.
  • Gamma GT – Can be raised in liver and bile duct diseases, can also be raised in alcoholics.
  • Bilirubin – Elevated levels can cause jaundice and indicate liver damage.

All of the liver function tests came back well within the normal range, in fact all on the low side of normal.

  • Ferritin – standard iron level test

Iron came back normal, not on the high side but within normal levels, which was great as I’m never sure whether I am getting enough green vegetables, this test would suggest I am. Iron is something I don’t supplement but have considered whether I should or not, years of conditioning about red meat is obviously stuck in my head!

  • Triglycerides – raised levels can be a risk factor for vascular disease.
  • Cholesterol – total cholesterol, made up ot HDL and LDL.
  • HDL Cholesterol – good cholesterol, removes cholesterol from the bloodstream.
  • LDL Cholesterol – Bad cholesterol, can cause fatty deposits and atheroscelrosis.
  • Non-HDL Cholesterol – Calculated by subtracting HDL from total cholesterol.
  • Total HDL/Cholesterol Ratio

Cholesterol levels all came back normal , HDL (good cholesterol) was on the high side of normal, and LDL was normal. Cholesterol was one of the measurements I was really keen to see the results of. When I was almost 6 stone heavier, and eating a diet laden in animal fat (fat in general) I’m doubt my cholesterol was normal. I have no evidence of this, but it’s a worry I have had over the years. Added to that my father had a triple bypass, and ultimately a heart attack is what killed my mother, I’m acutely aware of attempting to avoid heart disease. It’s also the Western World’s biggest killer, so who wouldn’t want to avoid it? Overall cholesterol was still a little higher than I would have liked, although I have heard that your cholesterol can be raised when you are losing fat. I’m still doing this, so I will continue to keep an eye on it as my weight drops and see if I can get it even better.

  • CRP-hs – C-Reactive Protein, used to show inflammation in the body.

This came back on the low of the range. Apparently anything below 1 is completely normal. I do think about inflammation, I have psoriasis which is caused by inflammation within the body (it is an auto immune response), although since changing diet and losing weight this has drastically decreased. I wonder if it would have been higher previously?

  • Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D – general vitamin test

This is where there were some issues. Both my B12 and D were low which confused and concerned me a little. They do ask when taking the test that you stop taking your supplementation which I duly did, so I do wonder if that was what took me over the edge outside of the normal range. I know though in myself that I can definitely be forgetful when it comes to taken my B12 supplement. The current supplement that I use is the Boost Better You B12 Spray which supplies you with 1200 ug of B12 per every daily 4 sprays. I also have a vitamin D spray which I barely use. Since taking this test I have made taking these more regular, every single day now rather than once or twice a week.

  • Testosterone – General reading of testosterone levels.

This came back within normal levels. A little on the high of normal but I’m not really sure what this means.

Vegan Blood Test Results

Full blood test results

My dashboard has now populated with my test results. The dashboard features blank areas for all the tests you haven’t done, really tempting you to do them all.

Vegan Blood Test Results Dashboard

The doctors feedback from the test was positive, they said well done for losing weight, my cholesterol levels were good considering, and that all other readings were fine other than B12 and D which can be low in anyone, and to make sure that I supplement regularly. They recommend I retest vitamin D and B12 in 3 months, and have a full blood test done in a year.

If there was one thing about this whole thing that I wish was different, it is that I wish I had taken one of these tests before I started losing weight, and before I went vegan. I *think* the results would have been very different, but that is just a guess.

As with my previous post, if anyone is thinking about giving Medichecks a try for personal blood tests for health then you can use the affiliate code given to me by my friend of WMAC10, this will give you 10% off the standard price. The whole process was straightforward and relatively painless (other than a finger prick!). I think checking in on your health inside as well as out is a wise idea, it certainly has given me some reassurance that I’m going the right way with my general health.

I’ve also decided I’m taking another test next week to test my thyroid. I have been borderline with this previously many years ago, but have had such a slow time losing weight I feel it is something I should at least take a look at. I could go to the doctors to get this done but I don’t have time for that, and I want my full results quickly. The thyroid test was only £29 and I used the code above to get 10% off.

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