Couch to 5k is something that I have taken up since New Year, since one of my resolutions is to run a 10k, I need to begin somewhere! Before Christmas I was running for 30 minutes at once without stopping, but I was struggling to even add a minute onto this, and it wiped me out for days at a time, so when I missed the gym for a couple of weeks over Christmas, going back to this just seemed like too much. At this point I decided that I would give the popular plan Couch to 5K another try.

I have started it before, my furthest attempt was last year, when I was using the Zombies Run 5k App. I’m a big fan of the main Zombies Run App (So much so I did a post about it here), and the 5k version just didn’t cut it for me. Technologically it isn’t as good, it doesn’t interrupt google play music to play the story or prompts so I would be having to listen so hard to try to hear it or not listen to music, that was distracting and just put me off. Additionally, the story was so far back compared to where I am in Zombies Run!,  I made it to week four then just quit.

I had a look on the google play store and went with the highest rated Couch to 5K app, there are many available, but the one I am reviewing is Run Double Couch to 5k.

Couch to 5k Start ScreenCouch to 5k Plans











The interface is fairly simple, with coloured buttons, but how much flash do you really need for a basic running app, I’m happy with it. The app is free, but you are limited to three weeks of free couch to 5k runs and some free fun runs (this is from memory, their website doesn’t specifically mention costs). At this point you can upgrade the app to the paid version, again from memory I believe that there are two purchase options, the 5k pack at £1.99 and the 10k pack also at £1.99, so under £4 for the whole app. As I am interested in eventually running a 10k I purchased both.

Couch to 5k progressCouch to 5k Runs











You have the option of running with GPS if outside, or timed if inside. If I had one criticism it would be to change the length of time, as I really think I am running significantly slower than expected, and at the end I worry I may be running less than 5 k. Sometimes if I still have some time left on Zombies run I will run for another few minutes just to get in the practise. All of your previous runs are available to see, as are the upcoming runs. It syncs with Facebook and My Fitness Pal which is great for a My Fitness Pal addict like myself. Calories burned are ridiculously high as usual but the fact it is added is great. I use this app with Zombies Run and Google Play Music and it works fine with both, I start google play music first, then zombies run which will interrupt the music, then lastly I start this, this doesn’t interrupt, it just speaks over it to tell me time and run number, you can set what feedback you want to hear within the app. I find these three working together (with my fitbit!) really cover all bases and work together well.

Overall it’s a good app, my only concerns are around the timing but as I near the end of the plan I will gauge  how well I am doing via distance on the treadmill. Once I’ve finished the 5k plan I’ll move onto the 10k plan, that seems a long way away yet but I’m committed. You can see other review of my fitness pal and fitbit here and remember to follow me on facebook, twitter and instagram.