Since it’s a month since I posted my running aspirations post, I’ve decided to share an update. I will try to do this monthly to keep me accountable to the training. Sadly, the last month has not been good for my running goals, as I posted a few weeks ago I made the New Years Resolution to run a 10k this year, but when I posted that I’d not been at the gym for a week or so, and didn’t go back until Sunday of last week (8th January).

While I was previously running for 35 minutes non stop, after a few weeks off this just felt like too much for me, and was even putting me off going back. So I decided to take a more structured approach and I’m back on the couch to 5k. I’m using the run double couch to 5k app, I believe to unlock everything it was £1.99, although that’s not necessary to begin with, it gives you a free amount of runs first. It seems quite comprehensive and goes all the way up to half marathon training.

I’ve completed week 1 this week on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at the gym, and will continue to go on these days. I actually found week 1 totally fine, but you are actually only running for a minute at a time. I have been putting the treadmill at a faster speed than I was previously, I would like to get my pace up a little, I felt as if I was stumbling along rather than running.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the plan, it is nine weeks long, so hopefully by the end of that I will be looking to move onto the 5k to 10k plan and making one of my New Years Resolutions come true!

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