I decided to make a little post about the Mins Game – 2 weeks later, so that any visitors I have who are interested in minimalism and may have followed my posts (here, here , here and here) about playing the mins game can have a little update on any changes that have occurred due to taking part in the Mins Game challenge.

So, for those who are new, what is the Mins Game? It was created by The Minimalists and the aim of the game is getting rid of stuff. You pick a month, on the 1st of the month you get rid of one thing, on the 2nd, two, 3rd, three, 30th, thirty. My house was overflowing to the point of driving me insane so I decided to break it into three areas, bedrooms (2), hall Рbathroom Рcupboards, and we have an open plan living room Рdining room Рkitchen. I was intending to go with x3 until day 10, but I actually managed until day 20.

Mins Game - 2 weeks later

That is a picture of all the stuff I got rid of, over 1000 items when I attempted to count it up.

It’s safe to say that the Mins Game for me was a massive success. I knew that I needed to get rid of a lot of my belongings, I knew that a huge amount of it was unused, but continually in my peripheral mind. I knew that when the door knocked I would go into an inward meltdown. I knew that every single weekend I would waste my time cleaning/tidying for hours, with little to no change in our house, missing out on relaxing with my children and husband.

I also knew I had a house inspection, a standard occasional event in which our landlord sends someone around just to make sure we’ve not burned the house down. A normal occurrence for normal people, not for me! For me this was the most stressful, anxiety ridden event of the year! I also knew a large part of why I never felt satisfied with how the house was could be down the fact that there was just too much stuff, everywhere. Every unit, surface, anywhere there could be stuff, there it was, usually pushed in/on and overflowing.

I jumped into the Mins Game fully, and it was one hell of a month. And in all honesty, it was one of the best things I did all year. I hope this doesn’t sound melodramatic, but since completing the challenge, my life has changed, not only that my mindset has changed.

Ways my life has changed :

  • The door can knock and I don’t freak out
  • I had the house inspection without a nervous breakdown
  • I played cluedo with my daughter at the weekend, twice! All free of guilt and other “I should be doing something else” thoughts, and I wasn’t focusing on how long it was since I hoovered, it had been a day
  • I steam cleaned my huge laminate floor for the first time in 3+ YEARS
  • I built my sons new bed, there was room to do it, I had been putting it off for months because I couldn’t get moving in their room
  • I implemented a reasonable cleaning schedule, a different room each day for around 30 minutes
  • My house looks the cleanest (and tidiest) it has in years
  • I’m still getting rid of things now
  • I am refusing entry to anything that isn’t necessary

These things are huge, the changes are huge. There is still so much more stuff to go, and I’m intending on playing the mins game again in January. I’m not sure if I will ever reach the levels of minimalism others do but for me it is about freedom of time, and mind space. Living a life less about stuff. I’m so happy with the changes brought about by the Mins Game, I can’t recommend it enough. The momentum is key, 1¬†thing one day is easy, 5 things is easy, even 10 things was easy, but one day I got rid of 60 things! Surprisingly, it was still fairly easy, the end of the month was the hardest, but the momentum you build up carries you through.

In conclusion, the Mins Game changed my life. It continues to change my life. I welcome it, it is what I needed, and I knew deep down it was reachable, I just needed a push in the right direction. If you are thinking about playing, stop thinking and just start. What have you got to lose?