It’s finally the end of week four, although there are still three days left in this month, and for my year long challenge of 2017 items there is still a long way to go. I’m now sitting at 406 items this year, leaving 1611 to go, and if I’m honest, at this moment in time I think I may struggle to reach there. I still have a lot of stuff, but I’m beginning to reach a point where I look about and most of what I see I still use, or want to keep. I think as the year goes on I’m really going to begin to challenge how I think about what I really want, and see the difference between what I think I want to keepĀ and what I actually need. I’ve began tackling the harder things now, a lot of my upcoming items will be photographs and paper, I have nearly all of my dad’s paperwork from his whole life, ranging from primary school reports from the 1930’s, to payment slips from the 80’s, right up to all of his paperwork before his death in 2015. While I will undoubtedly keep a lot of it, I don’t need to keep all of it. Most of it has no meaning to me other than being cool, and obviously makes me think of my dad, but I don’t need paper taking up space to do that.

The same goes with photos, my mum and dad photographed so much of our lives, my plan is to first of all get rid of photos which have no meaning to me, for example duplicate photos, photos of places I have no idea where they are, photos without people in them, but eventually I will begin scanning in some of the others and get rid of the hard copies. I would like to end up with a few photo albums of special photos and the rest kept digitally, I have a feeling this will take up a lot of my remaining items.

I’m still really enjoying the minsgame, and the benefits having less stuff is giving me, my house is still tidy and clean, it doesn’t take long to maintain, plus everything I buy I think about carefully. Discovering the minsgame really has changed me, and my life, and I look forward to seeing where it takes me, I still have a long way to go but I’ll persevere until I get there. Remember you can find information about the minsgame here, or can find me on facebook, twitter and instagram and join in.

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