This is my Mins Game Round Two Week Three progress report, whew what a mouthful of a title! Initially, I thought this week was going to be really hard, I found some days in week two difficult, but it seems, as first time round the minsgame, it gets easier as I go on. I have got rid of so much stuff since starting this, 1700+ items, but still I feel as if we have way too much. I’m not sure how I managed to live in the house pre beginning minimising. I know I was very stressed out attempting to tidy it all, never getting to cleaning, just attempting to put too much stuff into not enough space, continually inwardly saying we need a bigger house. It’s funny, while we do need another bedroom for the kids, I’m happy with the actual size of our house now. I’m guessing that is because there isn’t as much stuff rammed into it.

This week I have began to move onto some of the smaller stuff, jewellery, makeup etc. A lot of this was left by my late mother, while she was not a hoarder in the traditional sense, she had a loooot of stuff. Her house was immaculate, but also had stuff hidden throughout¬†it. Every cupboard, box, under the floor area, attic, it was full of stuff. Her wardrobe (wardrobes, she had three) were full of clothes, a lot of it unworn. She had bags of jewellery, a lot of it with the tags still on, so much makeup she could never ¬†have been able to use it all, even I would never be able to use it all and hopefully I’ve got many years left. I have got rid of some of this before, but now I’m getting into the area of things I kept in the first purge. I keep reminding myself that my mum never even used most of this, I never will, a lot of it isn’t my style, I don’t wear a lot of makeup (I do wear a little every day though but not this type/colour) or jewellery unless it’s a special occasion/the mood takes me. I do feel a little emotional tug getting rid of this stuff, but I remind myself again, my mum is not in these belongings. She never even used this. I’ve kept a few lipsticks she did use, and I still have more to get rid of, but it gets easier. There are many things of hers I will never get rid of, unused makeup and jewellrey should not be the things I hang on to. This week I reached 231 items for this year so far and I’m still going strong into week four. I’m sure it will get harder, after all I need to do this at least four and a bit times, but I’m committed to the 2017 in 2017 challenge.

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