I know I’ve only done 6 days so far but Sunday is the day of the week I have the most time to make a post so for the first week six days will do. Week One of the Mins Game has gone unsurprisingly easily. When you have a house with so much clutter as mine does it’s not easy to find items to rid yourself of. I am actually finding every day easier.

As mentioned in this post I have split our house into three main areas, the livingroom/kitchen/dining area, the bedrooms, and the hall/bathroom/cupboards. I was intending on keeping these areas separate only until day 10, when I initially thought it would be too hard to rid my house of so many belongings at one time. However, I am now open to extending this for the full month, meaning that we would be rid of over 1500 items as opposed to the initial 500+. I haven’t fully decided, I am scared of the end when it is 20+ items from each area a day, however, realistically this is what I, and my house needs. We will see as the days pass whether this is realistic and achievable. Following I will share my pictures from instagram and twitter for each day.

Week One - Mins Game - Day One

Day One – Old Diary, Broken Chair, boxes, unused toiletries and jewelry – 8 Items

Week One - Mins Game - Day Two

Day Two – Child’s desk and seat, mini deep fat fryer, sharpening stone, book, remote – 6 Items – Total – 14 Items


Week One - Mins Game - Day Three

Day Three РOld boxes, makeup, shower gels, broken globe, empty lynx cans Р9 Items РTotal 23 Items

Week One - Mins Game - Day Four

Day Four – Old shower gel, toys, dvd’s, candle – 12 Items – Total 35 Items















Week One - Mins Game - Day Five

Day Five – Books, Watches, Old Toys, Toiletries – 15 Items – Total – 50 Items

Week One - Mins Game - Day Six

Day Six РRubbish Mini Hoovers, Books, Broken Clothes Horse, Book Р 18 Items РTotal 68 Items








So there you have it, week one and I have rid my life of 68 Items. The scary thing is how much there is still to go! Onwards to week two! If you haven’t see the minsgame already check it out here at the Minimalists.