I thought I would do a post with my current routine during this lockdown during coronavirus, and my efforts to not gain/lose weight (which isn’t doing great so far!)

We are currently in lockdown, only allowed to leave the house for strict reasons,

  • Essential shopping
  • One set of exercise with your family group or at least 2m apart from others
  • Urgent Medical Appointments
  • To and from work if required, but should only be essential

I have been working from home since the 13th March so have settled into it, but I am struggling a bit. I am good at logging in at start time, taking a break at lunch time and finishing at end time, but working in the same room all day as you usually relax in does make it a little more difficult to relax.

I am still getting up early, around 5:30 am. When I wake up I am meditating using the Waking Up app by Sam Harris. I was finding that my mind was running at a million miles per hour, and I wasn’t really aware of it, so I have introduced morning meditations and it seems to be helping. First morning I could barely stop thinking, but this is improving and I find during the day I am a little more mellow.

This is followed by either going for a short run, followed by my cooldown being a short dog walk, or a long dog walk in the morning. I haven’t been regularly exercising for a while, so the run is tough but I am trying to build up and just ensure I am getting outside for a bit. I’m currently fasting for around 18 hours. No breakfast for me, but I make it for everyone else in the morning before work.

Just before work starts I plan what my daughter will do that day with her school work. We are using a mix of work provided by the school, additional resources such as BBC Bitesize and Khan Academy, and time spent playing her musical instrument. She is pretty self motivated and just gets on with it unless she runs into any issues.

At lunch I get off my laptop for the whole hour. I have been doing some jobs in or for the garden at lunch time. My kitchen is currently looking like a makeshift greenhouse with seed trays everywhere. I will do a longer post about my garden and growing ambitions at some point soon (once things start growing!).

I’m then back on work for a few hours. After work I do some cleaning while making dinner. Meals have been not too different from usual, although some supplies are beginning to run low and seem to not be getting restocked in our nearest supermarket.

This week I am going to add in some kind of home body weight workout I can do with my daughter, squats, pushups for example. It is so important to keep moving during this time, I find it much harder to be strict with food while at home so much, so I need to keep my calorie burn up as much as possible.

I’m not losing weight at the moment, I’m probably eating too much, but every day I do try. I’m still using my fitness pal, meal prepping, making the usual meals, but here and there an occasional vegan cheese and pickle toastie may pop in my mouth, or vegan shortbread which I have the best recipe for (coming up soon!)

I’m going to the shops twice a week at the moment, the big shop is at the weekend, either early on Saturday or Sunday morning, and once midweek for bread and any other essentials. My logic of going at this time is that it is quiet, and hopefully they are restocked, however, for staples like pasta/rice, I’ve not been able to buy these for 3 weeks. Thankfully I had a couple of bags, and we have had some potato based meals to spread out the use of the things I can’t get. Also I am having cous cous with my lunch instead of rice as this is still available.

My weekends are being spent again, in the garden, or doing home related jobs (of which I have many). I’m also trying to include our daughter in these just to keep her occupied. This time is not easy, certainly not as easy as I expected it to be. Working from home has now got a little tiring, trips to the supermarket are paranoia filled, the news updates are terrifying. There is nothing we can do other than stay at home if you can, and if not try to stay physically away from other people. There are plenty of things I am grateful for, having a job that enables me to be able to work from home so I keep getting paid, our health, our house, there are many people in an awful position at the moment all over the world and I feel terribly sorry for them, so even through this I try to remember what I am grateful for.

Keep safe everyone! You can find me on InstagramFacebookTwitterMy Fitness Pal and Fitbit. Feel free to share your routines and coping mechanisms!