This past month has been a world of chaos. Never mind losing weight, I have had one of those runs of bad luck where everything has gone wrong at once. I posted a little about this on Instagram, but I’ve been either too busy, or too emotional to post. Even getting through the basics of life at times this month has been difficult.

The first and most traumatic event was that my beautiful old cat suddenly got very sick. She had gradually been going off her food but I thought she was just getting a little fussy in her old age, however one morning we got up and she couldn’t use her back legs. We rushed her to the vets and were told she had a sudden onset of Chronic Kidney Disease.  I nursed her through a extra month, with a subcutaneous drip daily, special medicine to make her eat, antibiotics, steroids, you name it. Unfortunately we reached a point where she was completely refusing food, and the drip wasn’t helping at all, so we had to make the difficult decision to have her put to sleep. This was on the 7th March, and I really struggled for the first few days to accept what had happened. The fact it had been my decision really upset me, I was plagued with continual thoughts of, could I have done more?

I had Shelly for 19 and a half years, I picked her up when I was 17 years old, and she was only 7 weeks. Over half of my lifetime later and life without her seems something I can almost not fathom. She was my trusted and loving companion through so much, my parents dying, meeting thomas, my children being born, so many house moves, job changes, being a student, pretty much my entire adult life. I am adjusting now, but I still look at her little spot every single time I come up the stairs, and inside I sigh. I know there was no option, and this is the quandry of all pet owners. I’m grateful though for having such a long time with her, and I will miss her dreadfully.

My best friend, Shelly

On top of losing my gorgeous girl,

  • My washing machine broke
  • A leak was caused by new washing machine, plumber had to come out
  • Cooker element broke
  • Electrician pointed out that our fuse board is dangerously old so have arranged for this to be replaced
  • Car broke at the house and had to get it towed
  • Had to go into the garage for a relatively expensive fix
  • A family member has had some ongoing, worrying health issues

At one point in the month I could have just screamed. I felt so run down, a lot of that was probably attributed to the internal knowledge that Shelly didn’t have long left. Things were finally beginning to settle down until Covid-19 came along to remind me that all of these problems are passing, and sometimes there are bigger worried to think about.

Myself and my husband are lucky as we both work jobs which enable us to work from home in this time of crisis. I feel incredibly sorry for those who can’t, all areas, but the fear of those working in healthcare, I can’t even begin to imagine.

On the weight loss front, things have pretty much been a wash out. I have been eating pretty well, counting calories, having a mostly whole foods plant based diet but I still don’t lose weight. When I hear people say you don’t need to count calories on a whole foods plant based diet it makes me angry. This may be right for some people, those have recently switched from a standard junk food diet, but for me, after years of eating mostly plants, it’s just not enough.

So I come to two conclusions being the solution. I can either severely cut my calories, and eat the same amount of meals, trying to frontload the day, or I can go back to intermittent fasting. Recently I have made the decision to move towards intermittent fasting. Doing this during the week gives me a little more wiggle room with calories. In all honest, I get so frustrated and just think will I ever get to a healthy weight?

Anyway, I’m going to keep trying, but for the next few weeks I would imagine anyone in the world reading this will be trying to remain isolated. This coronavirus is incredibly worrying. I’m not in the danger age group, and I know it doesn’t affect children as badly, but you can’t help but worry that it is your bad luck to be the one in the tiny percent that is affected by this. I’ll do a post relating to the corona virus later this week, but keep safe everyone!

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