Cafe Balfe Review – Hen Night

I love doing reviews, it means I’m eating delicious food. Cafe Balfe, in West Blackhall Street in Greenock was somewhere I wouldn’t have picked to go, I’ve been trying to mainly lean towards vegan restaurants of late, but I was attending a good friends mid week hen night and this was the location, so I did something I’ve never done before since going vegan. I went to an omnivore restaurant without extensively studying the menu first.

Okay, I had a quick look, just to check they at least did chips, but usually I will spend 30 minutes or more reviewing every item, see if something can be made vegan, weighing up the limited options  and then writing a list on Google Keep to take with me. This time, there was none of that.

So, what to say about Cafe Balfe…first of all, how do you pronounce the name? I thought it was Cafe Balfay, as the e has an accent over it (I can’t work out how to do that in this post though!) However, the taxi driver informed me it was balf. I wasn’t sure. Talking about food lead us to the inevitable mentioning of me being vegan, he A. had never met one, and B. didn’t realise there was a difference between vegan and vegetarian. I got the usual, I could never do that, isn’t that too extreme? Not more than eating the bodies of animals who didn’t want to die! (And all the other million reasons why being vegan isn’t actually extreme at all, plus I didn’t actually say that, and I wouldn’t say that in person to any one probably, but I did think it.)

We ordered at Cafe Balfe, which is where being vegan came up again, as only one person there knew, my friend, who also suggested the name of this website! (Shout out to you Claire if you’re reading!). Again, people asking what I eat, I showed them (very briefly) my Instagram, showing that there is indeed many delicious food stuffs that can be eaten when avoiding animal products. Anyway, that was the end of the vegan talk (other than another person making the old joke of “How do you know if there’s a vegan about?”…to be fair she did say afterwards that we are all in a restaurant and talking about food.)

Food wise, for the starter I had bruschetta, and it was really delicious, fresh, tasty. Yum! For the main there wasn’t much option, which was a little sad. However, the option they did have was very nice, it was a superfood salad minus a blue cheese dressing, with a side of fries.

Cafe Balfe Review

If I had one thing to say about the place would be provide more options! Being honest, my food looked the best out of everyone’s. The others all left a lot which indicates to me it wasn’t that nice, whereas I polished all of mine off, no complaints.

So, the good? The price, my vegan options were cheaper than the others, but looked better and tasted lovely. I had a lovely prosecco cocktail for pudding as well which was nice. It’s a nice little cafe too. The bad? More choice. Places like here, popular with locals, all they need to do is add a vegan option or two and maybe more will think about it as an actual choice.

You can find them on facebook, twitter and their website here.