Kind Crusts Review

I have fairly recently started a job in Glasgow, which, while requiring a fair whack of commuting, also opens up some possibilities for trying out new food places in the city. Where I live (around 30 minutes outside of Glasgow), there is not one single vegan option. Nada, nothing. It’s sad! But, with Glasgow so close, and with me being there 6 days a week, I have more options!

Last week I went out of my way to visit a vegan sandwich shop. I had seen them via an event shared on the Vegan Edinburgh and Glasgow (VEG) Facebook page, and decided to take a trip there last weekend which leads to this kind crusts review.

Kind Crusts was nestled away in the back streets of Dennistoun, hidden off of the busy Duke Street. I had read their menu before going and it all sounded delicious, so when we arrived (my children with me), the Sandwich of the Moment was suggested, that’s what I went with, less thinking that way!

My daughter is also vegan, and the staff at the shop were happy to make a special sandwich for her.

With regarding my sandwich, it was a week ago now and I have forgotten the exact name of it, but it had “bacon”, garlic cheeze, mushrooms and some other veg in it. It was creamy and delicious, very enjoyable.


Kind Crusts Review

Selection of food from Kind Crusts – Glasgow

Afterwards we had an Oreo cheesecake between us (and my omni son had one) which we all enjoyed. One thing I miss since going vegan is easily accessible desert type foods (not a bad thing for my diet though!) and this was really satisfying.

Later on we also had a pear cinnamon pastry, it was so good! We will definitely be going back at some point. Price wise it was pretty reasonable as well, and the staff were lovely, talkative and knowledgeable. A definite must visit if you are in the area.

Visit Kind Crusts Facebook page for more information.