Mono Review – Vegan Dining in Glasgow

I felt the need to do a Mono review after I had a trip out with my daughter today  on a girls day out for her 8th birthday. I, at this date (11/06/16), have been vegan for 7 months, and my now 8 year old daughter for around 4 – 5. Where we are located there are very few (no!) vegan options for dining other than the standard chips, possibly garlic bread, possibly a baked potato with beans, but up the road in Glasgow we are spoiled for choice. We don’t get a chance to get out too much but today I took my daughter to Mono for the first time. I have been once previously with a friend but it was before I started this website, I may cover what I had then at some point but today I am reviewing what me and my daughter had.

My previous experience with Mono had been an extremely positive one, the decor and feeling is lovely and welcoming, and honestly, it felt nice to be surrounded by other vegans (or even just people open to eating vegan food!). My daughter and I had a main meal and a pudding, I would like to caveat the rest of this post with the *this is not healthy food* warning! Definitely not good for weight loss! However, being able to eat vegan food out somewhere without having to ask a million questions, be surrounded by sides and inevitably send something back was just a delight!

Main Meal

Mono Review 1

Battered Vegan Sausage, Chips and Mushy Peas

Mono Review 2

Vegan Mac and Cheese with Chips








My meal was on the right, the battered sausage, chips and mushy peas. It was all delicious, the mushy peas were extra special although I could have done with a little more, I’m not sure what they had in them, it could have been mint, regardless they were lovely. I enjoyed the battered sausages, I’ve not eaten food like that for a while, my daughter wasn’t keen on the sausages but she can be funny with meat replacements anyway.

My daughter had the mac and cheese. Home made macaroni cheese was her favourite before going vegan, although she always felt sick afterwards, more than likely a lactose intolerance, that was part of the reason for her going vegan. I had attempted to make a vegan version at home using potato, carrot and nooch, but it ended up a sloppy inedible mess. Since then, there has been no Macaroni Cheese for her, until today. She was amazed that this was vegan, I was amazed it was vegan. I actually double checked the menu to ensure that it wasn’t vegetarian, it was definitely vegan. She ate every single bit, apart from the bit I stole. I think this was her best bit of the day! She said she wanted to go back every week after this. I think I need to try some new recipes but we will definitely be going back for more, I’m even going to take my onmi husband as he loves macaroni cheese too, I want him to taste this and hear what he thinks. We also had garlic bread which was, well, garlic bready, but nice!


Pudding is something I’ve not had much of since going vegan, bar cakes that I make myself occasionally. For something sweet I usually go with dark chocolate, fruit, sometimes a couple of biscuits, but I have really cut my desert intake down, mainly due to no availability, although it’s not been a bad thing for me. So, at Mono today, damn right we were having pudding, no matter how full we were!

Mono Review 3

Chocolate and Avocado Cheesecake with a walnut base, salted caramel and raspberries.

Mono Review 4

Banana split – no nuts









The cheesecake, it is the first cheesecake I have had in 7 months. While I have never really missed food like this, I was partial to cheesecake in my old days. This cheesecake, it was heavenly. That is the only word for it. The 7 month wait almost made it better. I don’t even really like avocado but I couldn’t even taste it. I could have eaten about 4 bits if I had room left. 100% recommend. Really, get the cheesecake.

The banana split, it tasted nice to me! My daughter didn’t eat a lot but I think that was from being full after the mac and cheese, and she eats vegan ice cream at home so it wasn’t extra special like the cheesecake but she still enjoyed it. But really, it was all about the cheesecake!

Mono Review 5

Vegan Doughnuts

Lastly, we brought a couple of doughnuts home for later in the evening. Also, first doughnut in 7 months, also, delicious!

Overall, Mono is a lovely cafe/bar. It has a nice ambiance, it is child friendly, the staff are helpful and pleasant. It’s not traditional, but in a world of tradition, difference needs to occur somewhere. When you are used to going to chain restaurants who barely provide a main meal option for you, places like Mono are highly appreciated. We will definitely be going back, I get the feeling we may become fairly regular there, well as regular as time and financial constraints allow.

There will be many more Mono Reviews, and I cannot wait!

Mono can be found at 12 Kings Court, Glasgow, G1 5RB. If you are interested in visiting Mono, here will take you to their website, I highly recommend it, vegan or not!