If you are only here for things relating to weight loss then this is not the post for you, as the food from Steak, Cattle and Roll definitely does not fit into the weight loss category. To be fair, with a name like that you wouldn’t think it would fit into the vegan category either but surprisingly it does.

I had seen pictures previously of vegan food from steak, cattle and roll, in particular their deserts and “milk” shakes and got me and my daughter interested. It was her birthday this week so we decided to go check it out (along with the omni husband and son).

The name does cause me some consternation, it’s a play on words but I can’t say I like it. However, I do still shop at shops that sell meat, I still buy other food from restaurants/fast food places that sell meat, so while I don’t particularly approve of the name I feel it would be hypocritical to rule them out as the “one place” I wouldn’t go. Plus that they have good vegan options makes me feel like we should be supporting them.

So, for burgers my daughter had their original Vegan burger with cheese, and to be honest, sadly, she didn’t really like it. She did eat around half, but after trying it myself I felt as if it was a bit undercooked and gooey in the middle, the flavour was good, just some more cooking required.

I had the “chicken” seitan burger which I found delicious, I really enjoyed it, I had to cut it in half to eat it though it was so huge.

For sides we had chips which were pretty good, and the vegan stack of onion rings which were top notch, the batter was lovely, I ate so many of them! (Sorry scales).

The real treat came with pudding though. My daughter had the lolly polly vegan shake which came with an ice lolly sticking out and was topped with whipped vegan cream, she loved this and had most of it.

Steak, Cattle and Roll

I had the vegan desert which was banofee pudding and my god, I have not tasted anything that good in  a long time. It is the type of thing I would have went to town on in a non vegan version frequently years ago, but nowadays it is a real treat, partly due to not being able to get things like that readily. 10/10, I ate it all, forcing down the last couple of spoonfuls. It was very sweet, my tastebuds were in shock but I reckon that’s down to my overall diet changes, and an occasional indulgence is definitely fine.

Overall I would recommend it, slightly disappointed with the vegan burger but everything else was very good, it’s worth it just for the puddings! You can find Steak, Cattle and Roll’s website here and facebook here so I would say don’t be put off by the name and check them out.

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