Tail O’ The Bank – Hungry Horse Greenock

I visited the tail o’ the bank this week for lunch with my husband and two friends, I hadn’t seen these friends for over a year I believe. Time flies sometimes, I can’t quite get my head around it. It was a lovely afternoon, I honestly could have stayed there the whole day just talking.

When it came to food it was quite easy to find their nutritional information online, however it seemed a little out of date and didn’t have the one thing I was after, the quinoa and roast vegetable burger. It sounded delicious, but was it vegan?

I asked the girl behind the counter, her friend was vegan so she knew what she was looking for. Her and the chef got out the box and checked and it was fine. Served without mayo and coleslaw it was totally safe. I was glad it was! It was really nice. I wondered, since it was in a box if there was anywhere I could buy them online. I had a look but couldn’t find any sadly.

Tail O' The Bank

Quinoa and Roasted Veg Burger

I had the burger with chips and really yummy barbeque sauce, it was so thick. I would also like to buy some if I knew where it was from.

As a side note, someone on Instagram questioned whether it was vegan as they had nutritional information that it wasn’t, that it had egg. However, the girl in the restaurant was adamant, she knew to check for egg, and we came to the conclusion on Instagram that it was due to the mayo that should have been with it, so I’m satisfied it was safe.

Overall, it was a lovely meal for a chain restaurant, but the best thing about it was seeing our friends. Definitely doing it again soon!