Lunch at Usha’s, 2 Byres Road, Glasgow

I recently had the pleasure of meeting a friend for lunch and I picked Usha’s  Indian Street Food Restaurant in Byres Road in Glasgow for us to go to. I’ve only ate out at a few vegan friendly places since going vegan, so was looking forward to some delicious Indian food.

Usha's Menu


When we arrived we were told that only the limited lunch menu was available, however this actually wasn’t a problem as there was the same amount of  vegan options (3) as there was for my omnivore friend so we were happy to not have to spend too long thinking about it! Apologies for the poor quality picture to the right, when I took it was really just to remember the name of the curry I picked but thought I may as well add it!

I had the basmati rice, the dhal makhani (black lentil curry I believe), with Indian chilli salsa, sauteed red onions and fresh green chillies on the side. We had free poppadoms and spiced onions which was a nice addition. This, plus sparkling water and a black coffee came to less than £10. Amazingly good value!

Usha's Food

The food!

The food arrived and honestly, it’s been a while since I’ve had a great Indian curry but this was delicious. Flavourful, vegan friendly, sides were lovely and portion size was just right for lunch time. It’s hard to estimate the calories but I doubt it would have been off the scale. The host was very friendly and chatty, especially about all of the vegan options they have. The full menu is double sided, one is dedicated to the omni’s, the other full of vegan and vegetarian options. I’m planning on going back soon with my husband to try out some more and looking forward to it!

You can visit Usha’s website here and see the menu for yourself! I definitely recommend a visit if nearby.