Myself and my husband have been to the Netherlands a couple of times now and we have just loved it, the architecture, the food, the people, the public transport, everything is amazing. We loved it so much that six months ago we decided to start learning Dutch using duolingo. We’d been looking for a language to learn for a while, and thought why not go for Dutch?

We also decided to book a long weekend away in January, to give us something to look forward to in the bleakest of months, so went to Amsterdam and this is my review of the food here.

Amsterdam is one of the most vegan friendly cities I have visisted, there are so many places on the Happy Cow app it is almost difficult to decide where go to.

Maoz – Vegan Falafel Chain

In europe, all of the places we have visited, there seems to be a lot more falafel available. I’m not speaking your standard lunch falafel wrap here, these are freshly made, fried falafel that I have struggled to find in Scotland (shout out to Turquoise here in Glasgow as they come pretty close!)

Maoz is a chain of falafel based fast food options, I have seen three in Amsterdam at least, and I wish so much they would come to the UK! The main choice is a falafel pitta, they also do salad boxes, and have a large array of salad toppings for your pitta. They have lots of sauces too, and everything I’ve had out of here has just been delicious. They also do fries that are crispy and tasty.

Vegan in Amsterdam

Vegan Junk Food Bar

This is another chain, I’ve seen at least two of these in the city centre of Amsterdam. They have a large menu of junk food, everything is vegan, and again, everything I’ve tried out of here in the past few visits has been delicious. I couldn’t eat it every day, it is definitely under the junk food category, but when you are really hungry it hits the spot! The Bitterballen are amazing!

Vegan in Amsterdam

Willerton Vegan Cheese Shop

After reading an article about a British expat who had moved to Amsterdam and opened a vegan cheese shop, we decided to go visit while in Amsterdam.

They have a variety of cheeses, some made by themselves and more made by some third party companies. We tried a few different options (all of which were delicious!) but settled on an Apricot Cumin and , a hickory smoked and the cheese fondue.

We ate these with crackers over the next few days in the hotel and I could have eaten double. All of the cheeses were delicious, and while not exactly like cows milk cheese, they are so close it is almost indistinguishable. I struggle to see how anyone could complain about vegan cheese when the upper end vegan variety are truly delicious, with none of the cruelty. Now if only we could get the supermarket vegan cheese a little better.

Vegan in Amsterdam

Vegan in Amsterdam


Okay, it’s not a review, but one night we had been out all day and were exhausted, so decided to go back to the hotel a little earlier to watch a film. I had heard Dominos did a vegan option in Europe, and it turns out I was right, and they delivered to where we were staying. Not much to say other than it was good to be able to get a takeaway vegan pizza. This is something lacking from the bit of Scotland I live in!

The Breakfast Club

On our last day we went to the breakfast club in Sloterdijk (where we were staying). We had a vegan breakfast burger with fries each, and then shared a portion of pancakes between us. The burger was nice, not the best I’ve had but tasty, but the pancakes were the best out of the two choices.

Vegan In Amsterdam

Vegan in Amsterdam

Cafe Flor

My last meal in Amsterdam was at Schiphol Airport. We stopped at a little place called Cafe Flor, and my body at this point was crying out for healthy food. I had the tofu poke bowl and it was so fresh, tasty, very nice. My husband had a wrap which was okay, but the poke bowl was the best of the two. It has inspired me to make something similar to mix up my meal prepped lunches. The rice/tofu/vegetable combination really hit the spot and gave me some vitamins I may have been missing over the last few days with all of the junk food! Although to top off the healthy food, we did share a piece of banana bread (I think this was pretty healthy too, it certainly was tasty!)

Vegan in Amsterdam

Vegan in Amsterdam

Vegan in Amsterdam

Vegan in Amsterdam

It’s safe to say I love the Netherlands, and Amsterdam. It’s not often I feel so comfortable somewhere else, I consider myself a real home body, but I just love Amsterdam, the architecture, the people, and the food! My Dutch is coming along, and we are booked to go back in Summer with the kids for a week, can’t wait to try some new places!

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