Houmous (or is it hummus?) – Food of the Gods!

For breakfast, most days I am in a rush to leave the house, drop the kids off, I usually have work to do so I look for something healthy and quick to eat, houmous is the answer! I actually never tried houmous until I went vegan, I did not know what I was missing!

houmous on toast

This is my standard, brown toast, jalapeno flavoured houmous (from asda), baby spinach and sliced tomatoes. I feel it is covering a lot of the bases with regards diet, and although I would like to aim to keep my bread intake to a minimum, using wholemeal bread is good enough for me when I am in a rush and need something filling! I’m sure people on my instagram get heartily fed up of seeing pictures like this but honestly, I could (and almost do) eat it every day. Calories wise it comes in under 300, and it is really delicious.

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