Upcoming will be a series of posts about the food I made at a vegan dinner party I hosted last night (8th October). Everyone at the dinner party other than myself and my daughter were hardened omnivores. I think I could possibly say that our friends who came do not often eat entire meals that are vegan.

As it was at our house, I was obviously going to do it fully vegan. Other than for one friend and my immediate family I haven’t made vegan food for others, therefore a fully vegan dinner party was a little scary! Plus, I tend to have anxiety over what others will think, so generally cooking for others gets my blood pressure up a little.

I researched food during the week, deciding I wanted to do something different from what I usually cook. Our guests were a great couple who we have known for many years and their lovely little girl, we had went to theirs previously, around a year ago. Yes, my anxiety over cooking lead to me waiting a year before arranging a return visit.

I love spicy, flavourful food, but I never make it from scratch. I feel that I have always been bad at making curries, but have always wanted to be better, so, while throwing myself in the deep end with the meal anyway I decided to make all new food I have never made before, of a type I am usually average at. On top of that I decided to make three mains,  a new side, and two desserts. Talk about jumping in head first!

So the menu went like this, although it was fairly informal.


Indian nibbles (pakora, mini samosas, these were purchased)


Dips (Mixed pickle, mango chutney & spiced onion)


Kadala Curry

Saag Aloo


Indian Chips

Steamed Basmati Rice


Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake

Salted Caramel Drizzle Cake

It was a fairly involved cooking experience but overall I think it went down really well! I can’t say for all but I really enjoyed it, and I think I nailed all three mains, which for someone who usually ruins curry was a minor miracle! All of the recipes were based from recipes I found online and I will do some individual posts about these over the next couple of weeks.