As part of my word of 2017, simplifying my food is high on the list. This has two prongs, I am now eating a mostly plant based menu, but also, I want to spend less time thinking about and making food. I do enjoy cooking, especially if it’s a special meal, but standard week day meals really need to be quicker, I would like to remove some of the decisions about dinner from my mind. As a result of this I have created a plant based simple menu which I will follow week by week. It allows for some movement in what we actually eat but every evening will have a theme.

I had heard of this technique before, but most recently I listened to the No Meat Athlete podcast who had Sid Garza Hillman on. The episode was about simple meal planning, and they were discussing using certain nights for certain foods, which is exactly what I will be doing. Breakfasts and lunches will be chosen the night before when I’m filling in my bullet journal, and will be based on what I currently have in the fridge.

Plant Based Simple Menu – Slimming World Friendly


  • Porridge (refrigerator porridge or prepared in the morning) with fruit
  • New potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, baked beans
  • Hash browns/Potato Scones, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach baked beans (weekends only)
  • Fruit (and sometimes Oat) smoothie with Oatly


  • Veg stir fry with soy sauce
  • Huge Salad with chilli sauce
  • Baked Potato with beans and salad
  • Homemade houmous with veg
  • Homemade Soup
  • Some combination of rice/quinoa/grain with beans and whatever veg I have
  • Falafel made from homemade houmous/Tofu/Seitan with salad


  • Monday
    • Wholewheat Pasta, usually with homemade tomato and basil sauce but I may make other plant based sauces
  • Tuesday
    • Homemade veggie burger, either with bread or lettuce, with homemade wedges/chips and salad OR rice and spicy beans in lettuce wraps with chips/wedges and salad
  • Wednesday
    • Mixed Bean Chilli with rice or chips or a baked potato, with vegetables or salad
  • Thursday
    • Green lentil sheperds pie, or vegetables and mashed potato, basically something with mashed potato night, with loads of vegetables.
  • Friday
    • Risotto, can be mushroom and onion, tomato, any type, served with a salad/vegetables
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
    • A roast dinner of some type, seitan, quorn, stuffing with potatoes, vegetables and gravy.

My plant based simple menu really isn’t that different to what I currently eat, other than I’m trying to cut out most of the processed foods, refined sugar and bread. Having structure though for each week takes away the thought required to plan. This isn’t the exact meal plan for my whole family, some aren’t vegan and some are fussy, but this can be slightly changed for them to fit in so it really should remove much of the decisions associated with food.

The meals are slimming world friendly, either no or low syn, so if I stick to this I will be set. I will also be tracking on my fitness pal again, I’ve been logging in to maintain my streak (400 days!) but I will start tracking again, it always helps.