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Tomato and Herb Sauce | Dinner

This tomato and herb sauce is made usually once a week in my house, it’s quick, can be frozen, nutritional and definitely slimming world friendly. I usually serve it with wholewheat spaghetti, occasionally I’ll have with rice, or even just vegetables. It can also be used in lasagne, and I use a similar base when making bean chilli.

Tomato and Herb Sauce


  • Spray Oil
  • 2 Garlic Cloves, Chopped finely
  • 1 Onion, Chopped
  • 8-10 Mushrooms, Sliced
  • 1 Carrot, Chopped
  • 1 Stalk of Celery, Chopped
  • Tomato puree
  • 1 Box of Chopped Tomatoes (or a tin)
  • Vegetable Stock, around 1/2 litre
  • Italian Mixed Herbs
  • Basil
  • Salt and Pepper


Sautee the garlic and onion in a pot with spray oil for a few minutes. Add mushrooms and continue cooking for another few minutes. Add celery and carrot and cook for another 2 minutes.

Add the tomato puree and herbs. I don’t measure the herbs, just a generous sprinkle of the basil and mixed Italian herbs (basil, oregano, thyme and parsley). I season with salt and pepper.

Add the chopped tomatoes and stock. This will make quite a liquidy sauce. This needs reduced and will take around 30 – 40 minutes to get to a thickness that is suitable. The longer you cook the sauce the richer it gets, 30 – 40 minutes at a simmer is usually about right, but taste it often to be sure.

Finally, right at the end I may use the hand blender to blend it up a little. My daughter can be fussy about vegetables in sauce, so if I blend it up she can’t see them. If it’s just for myself though I often won’t bother.

Syn free, delicious, packed full of vegetables, it’s a great sauce. I hate jarred sauces now, they taste way too salty for me, but with this being so easy to make I really don’t mind. Plus, it costs about £1.50 for four portions. Cheap as anything.

Tomato and Herb Sauce

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Vegan Christmas Menu | Menu Planning

Christmas is only one week away! How did that happen! I’m not religious, but for me Christmas for me is one of the best days of the year. There is something magical about Christmas. My sad note is that my mum and dad are no longer with me, but my mother in law is coming to stay with us on Christmas Eve through to Boxing Day, and thankfully I get on with her very well, so I’m really looking forward to it.

One of the best things about Christmas for me is the food. I grew up with my dad doing the whole thing himself, priding himself on his huge Christmas spread, then, when I grew up I did the same thing. I made the same exact food, in the same exact way. Then, I went vegan shortly before last years Christmas Dinner. This caused me to rethink my Christmas planning drastically!

For last years Christmas dinner I used a pre-made nut roast, but this year I’ve decided to go a little more out there. So following is my Vegan Christmas Menu! Recipes and results will be appearing over the next week or so as I make them.

Vegan Christmas Menu


  • Bagels with fry’s sausages and potato scones
  • Cereal and Fruit


  • Smoked “Salmon” and cream “cheese” on crackers
  • Spicy Parsnip Soup with crusy bread


  • Mushroom, Leek and Chestnut stuffed seitan roast
  • Tofurkey Roast
  • Vegan Sausage rolls
  • Vegan sausages wrapped in vegan rashers
  • Rosemary roast potatoes
  • Maple Carrots and Parsnips
  • Carrot and Turnip mash
  • Yorkshire Puddings
  • Brussel Sprouts with Chestnuts
  • Stuffing
  • Gravy, Cranberry Jelly and Bread Sauce


  • Christmas Pudding and Alpro Cream
  • Mince Pies


  • Chocolate and Avocado Truffles
  • Mushroom and Thyme Tartlets
  • Nuts, Crisps, Mint Chocolates
  • Vegan Cheese with Crackers

So there you have it, my Vegan Christmas Menu. Hopefully it all goes smoothly, early this week I will work out timings for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day before the cooking starts.

Vegan Bean Chilli | Slimming World Friendly

Time to share one of my all time favourite recipes, and it’s a quick and easy one, vegan bean chilli!

I make this about once a fortnight, the only problem I have is keeping any for leftovers, there is something really moreish about it. It’s definitely slimming world friendly, in fact it’s syn free. If you have it with only veg instead of rice or cous cous then it’s SP friendly too!

Vegan Bean Chilli Recipe


  • One tin of mixed beans in water
  • One tin of kidney beans in chilli sauce
  • Onion
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 8 mushrooms
  • Jalapenos
  • 1 carton of passata
  • 2 tbsp tomato puree
  • Cumin, paprika, chilli powder, cinnamon, salt, pepper, coriander
  • Water if needed
  • Steamed rice and vegetables to serve (Optional)
  • Peppers (optional)


Sautee the onion and garlic using spray oil until soft. Add the mushrooms. At this point I sometimes add peppers, however, if my husband is having it I don’t as he hates peppers (weirdo!).

Once the mix is soft, add tomato puree and spices. I don’t really measure them, but I would guess about 1/2 tsp of the chilli powder, cinnamon and salt, and about 1 tsp of the rest of them but this is informal, my spices have shaker heads so I just give them a good shake.

Once mixed, add in the drained mixed beans and the kidney beans in chilli sauce. If you can’t get the beans in chilli sauce don’t worry, it’s perfectly fine without them, I just like the flavour of the sauce. Add the passata and mix well. Simmer for around 20 minutes, add more water if it gets a little dry. While this is cooking steam some rice (or cous cous) and the vegetables. I usually have cabbage, brocolli, cauliflower sometimes I roast some courgette.

Near the end add in jalapenos. And there you have it, 0 syns, all speed and protein (until you add the rice!).

Vegan Bean Chilli

Vegfest Scotland 2016 Sunday – Food & Activism

Vegfest Scotland 2016 – Food & Activism

Day 2 – Sunday 4th December

As my previous post covers, on Saturday I had spent the day volunteering for the Vegan Society, but on Sunday I had plans for attending with my daughter, who is also vegan, in fact she is coming up for her one year veganniversary just after Christmas, and my non-vegan niece.

Vegfest Scotland 2016 - Cool Jerk Pie

I started the day off with a Christmas pie from Cool Jerk Vegan Pies, bought the previous day. I love that the weekend of Vegfest all eating rules go out of the window and it really is eat whatever is vegan, whenever!

I had studied the schedule, looked at the talks, and decided I wanted to go to many of them. In reality though with a child in tow, and a long day ahead, we would more than likely go to just a couple. The doors opened at 10am, and we arrived around 10.30am.

The first aim was to get around the majority of the stalls, we headed to the sheese stall, their vegan cheese is probably one of the more well known examples, plus with the whole “Gary” thing in Sainsbury’s, I’m sure they are doing quite well. Weirdly, they (Bute Island Foods) are also based out of my old home town! Funny that the place I grew up is responsible for one of the most well known vegan cheeses in the UK. My niece had never tried vegan cheese before and was surprised at how much like normal cheese it tasted, even my daughter who isn’t keen on cheese gave it a try and loved the plain cream cheese. I know they also make unbranded versions for tesco so with that being my nearest shop I shall get some for her. Next up Koko, we don’t need to be convinced by Koko, I buy their products nearly every week, my daughter, and non vegan son love their thick creamy yoghurts.

After this we visited a lot of the smaller stalls, including MaRoberts where I picked up some Extra Hot Chilli Sauce and more, and then some of the charity stalls including the Save Movement, Earthlings Experience and others.

Vegan Activism is something I am interested in, hence a large part of why I have this blog. I am a quiet, sometimes socially awkward person, (although others may not think that of me), but veganism is a cause I am truly behind and would love to encourage others to move towards it. I truly believe a vegan life is one of the only things that will save this world, keeping it habitable for the life that already lives there. I also think that the reality of what animals go through, to be born into a life of terror and torture, to barely make it past their youth, then to be herded into a slaughter house is just unacceptable. People love their dogs, cats, but are fine with paying for the mass slaughter of billions of animals, I just think if more people actually related to their food, they would make the choice to go vegan. I know not all people think like this, but this is why the three pronged argument of veganism is so important. You don’t care about animals? Well, what about your future generations survival? You don’t care about that either? Well what about the fact there is a growing, and only continuing to grow body of scientific evidence that shows we aren’t really supposed to eat meat, and that actually it is responsible for many of the illnesses that plague, and eventually kill us? Knowing how to tackle activism though for me I find difficult. I am happy to wax lyrical about the benefits of veganism with people who I meet in day to day life, via this site, instagram, twitter etc, but I really want to work with other like minded people to work together, it’s lonely on your own!

The Save Movement group is a form of activism I am interested in, being there to witness and acknowledge the animals as they are taken to their end is something that must be incredibly difficult, but I can imagine the footage that these people take could encourage some to open their eyes to the reality of what happens. There are vigils based in Paisley which is nearby to me, in the New Year I may look into some activism there. Another form of activism I am interested in is The Earthlings Experience. Earthlings is one of those films many people watch either when they are going vegan, or it can even be what turns them vegan, it is free to view here, it is not an easy watch, but to truly understand the process of what is on your table, I believe everyone should watch it, or at least part of it. Otherwise it is willful ignorance, and I’m sure most wouldn’t want to be branded that. The Earthlings Experience go out into the streets, usually wearing masks, and hold laptops/tables that are showing slaughterhouse footage. The masks are used for two reasons as far as I understand, firstly, they catch peoples attention, people come over curious to see what is going on, secondly, they shield the activists from any abuse, and keeps them anonymous. We attended the talk by the Earthlings Experience Scotland and afterwards I spoke to them, and have since joined a facebook group for people interested in taking part. I suppose people may see this as extreme, but the footage they show is typical footage, taken recently in the UK. It is only showing people what really happens. Again, this is something I wouldn’t be able to do until after the New Year, but I am 100% going to try to fit this in.

Vegfest Scotland 2016 - Flying Duck Food

Vegfest Scotland 2016 - Fruit Kebab








After this we went back to the foods, I had a hotdog from the flying duck stall, my daughter had a burger and niece had ramen, I ended up having some of all of them and they were all very tasty! We then moved on to Captain James TeaCook, who frequents many of the vegfests, keeping the children entertained. My daughter made a rainbow fruit kebab with other kids, which she enjoyed thoroughly. We then attended the Vegan Society talk by Alex Douglas which was thoroughly enjoyable and suggested many easy ways to engage with vegan activism even with limited time and budget.

Vegfest Scotland 2016 - Pitxu's Cakes!On our way out we purchased a box of four cakes from Pitxu’s stall. Every single one of them was delicious, I tried a bit of all of them when we got home and I’ve got to say these well and truly hit the spot! My diet is pleased that they aren’t readily available. My daughter also had Henna done by the people from Lesmahago Eco Farm and some of the best face paint I’ve ever seen in the kids area, by Tini Designs, if we’re ever in need of a face painter I
know where I’m going to book!

Overall, another great Vegfest was had, the only problem is the money! I wish I had about four or five times the amount I did. We visited many other stalls too, too many to mention, but really it is full of vegan food, products, information, everything you could want! I hope it’s back next year, although the Scottish Vegan Festival in Edinburgh have just announced their date for April so I’ll need to get saving again! 10/10 for an awesome weekend.

Vegfest Scotland 2016 Saturday – Volunteering

Vegfest Scotland 2016 – Volunteering with the Vegan Society

Day 1 – Saturday 3rd December 2016

I love Vegfest! I thought I best get that out there as it’s true. The only thing I don’t love about Vegfest is that I don’t have enough money to buy everything that I see. For me, vegan festivals are a chance to meet other vegans, and be surrounded by people who share the same mindset. Other than my daughter, and some people I have met through volunteering, I know no other vegans. I really need to make some actual friends, who I can spend time with who are vegan. Of course, being vegan isn’t the only thing that matters to me, I have lots of awesome friends and family who aren’t vegan and who I love very much, but sometimes you just want to be around other people who share your philosophy. For me, this is what vegfest means. Awesome food, interesting people, and educational talks, and most of all fun!

I had previously volunteered with the Vegan Lifestyle Association, but sadly they wrapped up not too long ago. My previous volunteering experience had taught me that I definitely would like to continue with some form of activism. I am already the local contact in Inverclyde for the Vegan Society, and they are one of the most recognisable front facing charities promoting veganism so thought I may as well drop them an email and see if I could join in. Happily, they were looking for volunteers for Vegfest, so I signed up for the Saturday, knowing on the Sunday I would be taking my daughter.

I arrived at Vegfest on Saturday and quickly grabbed some lunch from the greedy fox stand. One of the best things about vegfest, being able to eat EVERYTHING without worrying about what is in it!

Vegfest Scotland 2016 Greedy Fox

This messy looking picture is a pulled seitan burger with coleslaw bought from Greedy Rabbit Catering. It was really difficult to eat, but the taste was delicious! I ate it with as much speed as possible and headed over to the Vegan society stand to get my t-shirt.



Vegfest Scotland 2016 me

Having been given my T-shirt I shot off to get changed, excuse my stupid face, I was in the toilets in a rush here! I had been sent out information already about what happens on the stand, I had researched the vegan society also so I knew more solidly their aims, what they do, who they work with etc. I met the lovely Ellie, Peter and Alex who all work for the Vegan Society down in Birmingham. They showed me how to use the till, card-reader, pricing etc and off I went.

It was a three hour, busy stint, but honestly, I loved every minute. A lot of people who I spoke to weren’t fully vegan, it always surprises me how many non-vegans attend a vegan festival, it shows there is a lot of interest though. I spoke to what felt like hundreds of people, my throat was hoarse afterwards. I suppose there isn’t really much detail I can give about volunteering other than be ready to speak to many many people, some of whom have been vegan for years, others who have just switched, and many who are considering it. Be ready to speak about all aspects of veganism, ethics, health, environmental issues, food, families, ease of going vegan, cost, every single thing you could think of will come up! I thoroughly recommend volunteering though. For me, being vegan is a start but realistically I would like to encourage others to become vegan in the most affective way for me. Part of that process is having this website, my instagram, facebook and twitter. Getting the message out there in hopefully a positive way. I’m thinking about taking my activism further, although I will speak about that more in my next post about Day 2 at vegfest.

Vegfest Scotland 2016 All About Patisserie


To finish this post I will share some delicious cake that I bought from the All About Patisserie. Both were delicious, one being Banana and Chocolate and the other being Apple and Cinnamon. The Apple and Cinnamon was so good I went back on Sunday and got another piece! Part two coming tomorrow.


Steamed Light Seitan

This light seitan recipe is made fairly regularly in my house. My husband and kids aren’t too keen (I have no idea why!) but I often make a large batch and use over the period of a week or so. It is pretty straightforward to make, and lasts for a while when well wrapped in the fridge, and it can be used in lots of different ways. Some ways I have used it include in a roast dinner, coated with batter and fried, a cold sandwich filling, grated with beans, rice, sauce and veg in wraps, kebabs, to be honest pretty much any place that would have had chicken.

Recipe – Steamed Light Seitan


  • 1 & 1/2 cups of vegetable broth
  • 2 tbsp of oil
  • 1/2 tsp of paprika
  • 1 tsp of garlic powder
  • 1 tsp of onion powder
  • 1/2 tsp of salt and pepper
  • 1/4 cup of self raising flour
  • 1/3 cup of nutritional yeast
  • 1 & 1/2 cups of wheat gluten


Mix everything except the gluten until combined thoroughly.

Steamed Light Seitan Mix

Add gluten until it becomes dough like. Knead for around a minute. Let it rest for 15 minutes. Once rested split into four separate portions.

Grease 4 squares of tin foil. Shape the seitan into rectangular shapes. Wrap in tin foil. Steam for around 30 minutes.

Steamed Light Seitan Finished

Tonight I used this with vegetables and bbq sauce to make kebabs. I threaded chunks of seitan, peppers, onions and mushrooms onto skewers, coated with a little sauce and grilled, I had this with rice and vegetables.


Seitan was something I’d never even heard of pre-vegan days, I hope other people hear about and try it, as it’s a great, easy, cruelty free replacement for meat. The recipe this is closely based from is located here. Please remember to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it is much appreciated!

Cafe Balfe Review – Greenock – Eating Out

Cafe Balfe Review – Hen Night

I love doing reviews, it means I’m eating delicious food. Cafe Balfe, in West Blackhall Street in Greenock was somewhere I wouldn’t have picked to go, I’ve been trying to mainly lean towards vegan restaurants of late, but I was attending a good friends mid week hen night and this was the location, so I did something I’ve never done before since going vegan. I went to an omnivore restaurant without extensively studying the menu first.

Okay, I had a quick look, just to check they at least did chips, but usually I will spend 30 minutes or more reviewing every item, see if something can be made vegan, weighing up the limited options  and then writing a list on Google Keep to take with me. This time, there was none of that.

So, what to say about Cafe Balfe…first of all, how do you pronounce the name? I thought it was Cafe Balfay, as the e has an accent over it (I can’t work out how to do that in this post though!) However, the taxi driver informed me it was balf. I wasn’t sure. Talking about food lead us to the inevitable mentioning of me being vegan, he A. had never met one, and B. didn’t realise there was a difference between vegan and vegetarian. I got the usual, I could never do that, isn’t that too extreme? Not more than eating the bodies of animals who didn’t want to die! (And all the other million reasons why being vegan isn’t actually extreme at all, plus I didn’t actually say that, and I wouldn’t say that in person to any one probably, but I did think it.)

We ordered at Cafe Balfe, which is where being vegan came up again, as only one person there knew, my friend, who also suggested the name of this website! (Shout out to you Claire if you’re reading!). Again, people asking what I eat, I showed them (very briefly) my Instagram, showing that there is indeed many delicious food stuffs that can be eaten when avoiding animal products. Anyway, that was the end of the vegan talk (other than another person making the old joke of “How do you know if there’s a vegan about?”…to be fair she did say afterwards that we are all in a restaurant and talking about food.)

Food wise, for the starter I had bruschetta, and it was really delicious, fresh, tasty. Yum! For the main there wasn’t much option, which was a little sad. However, the option they did have was very nice, it was a superfood salad minus a blue cheese dressing, with a side of fries.

Cafe Balfe Review

If I had one thing to say about the place would be provide more options! Being honest, my food looked the best out of everyone’s. The others all left a lot which indicates to me it wasn’t that nice, whereas I polished all of mine off, no complaints.

So, the good? The price, my vegan options were cheaper than the others, but looked better and tasted lovely. I had a lovely prosecco cocktail for pudding as well which was nice. It’s a nice little cafe too. The bad? More choice. Places like here, popular with locals, all they need to do is add a vegan option or two and maybe more will think about it as an actual choice.

You can find them on facebook, twitter and their website here.

Kind Crusts Review – Glasgow – Eating Out

Kind Crusts Review

I have fairly recently started a job in Glasgow, which, while requiring a fair whack of commuting, also opens up some possibilities for trying out new food places in the city. Where I live (around 30 minutes outside of Glasgow), there is not one single vegan option. Nada, nothing. It’s sad! But, with Glasgow so close, and with me being there 6 days a week, I have more options!

Last week I went out of my way to visit a vegan sandwich shop. I had seen them via an event shared on the Vegan Edinburgh and Glasgow (VEG) Facebook page, and decided to take a trip there last weekend which leads to this kind crusts review.

Kind Crusts was nestled away in the back streets of Dennistoun, hidden off of the busy Duke Street. I had read their menu before going and it all sounded delicious, so when we arrived (my children with me), the Sandwich of the Moment was suggested, that’s what I went with, less thinking that way!

My daughter is also vegan, and the staff at the shop were happy to make a special sandwich for her.

With regarding my sandwich, it was a week ago now and I have forgotten the exact name of it, but it had “bacon”, garlic cheeze, mushrooms and some other veg in it. It was creamy and delicious, very enjoyable.


Kind Crusts Review

Selection of food from Kind Crusts – Glasgow

Afterwards we had an Oreo cheesecake between us (and my omni son had one) which we all enjoyed. One thing I miss since going vegan is easily accessible desert type foods (not a bad thing for my diet though!) and this was really satisfying.

Later on we also had a pear cinnamon pastry, it was so good! We will definitely be going back at some point. Price wise it was pretty reasonable as well, and the staff were lovely, talkative and knowledgeable. A definite must visit if you are in the area.

Visit Kind Crusts Facebook page for more information.

Weight Loss Plateau – Weight Loss

The frustrations of being stuck on a weight loss plateau

There are many annoying things in life worse but at the moment I am being plagued with being stuck on a weight loss plateau. My weight has refused to budge bar one or two pounds up then back down to the original weight for months now. I am becoming incredibly frustrated with the whole process. Some days I eat a little too much, but most others I eat at a deficit required to lose weight, around 1500 calories with 10,000 ish steps, but still my weight does not move. I am not a fan of enforced starvation, I love food too much, but this needs to change or else I will still be trying to lose weight when I’m 40 (and I really am ready to be in a body of normal size).

So, although I have heard that weight loss is 90% diet and 10% exercise, I need to change things up. I am not doing enough exercise. Now that I am working full time I am struggling to have balance in my life, but I must sort this out before a bad routine sets in permanently.

Starting next week I am going to add swimming into my routine, plus, I’m going to try to hit my step goal every single day. Work is harder physically than uni was, and I have been getting lazy with my early starts too, often waking up too late to take the dog out for a walk and having to get my son to do it later, so I will add this in. One 30 minute fast walk in the morning, swimming twice a week in the evening and any other exercise I can fit in.

Regarding the diet, I have been doing okay but I feel I’m eating too many things like bread, sweet things, just generally being a little lazy when what I really want to do be doing is leaning a little more towards the whole foods plant based side, rather than the quick, on the go side. I won’t be able to do this overnight but I will be moving this way so keep an eye on my instagram to see how it goes. I have a wedding to attend next month, plus I am volunteering at some upcoming vegan events and would really like to lose some more damn weight and smash through this weight loss plateau!

My next post will be about the wedding I recently attended, plus how it feels to have lost 50 pounds.

Stereo Review – Glasgow – Eating Out

Stereo Review – Quick Lunch in the City

While visiting Glasgow last week for quick lunch with a friend I had the opportunity to visit another one of the cities popular vegan food places, Stereo and as such leave this review. Situated in a really handy place, right around the corner from central station Stereo had a smaller menu than my new favourite restaurant Mono, but an interesting menu nonetheless. The hardest thing I find when visiting a vegan eatery is deciding what to have, when you are used to chips/baked potato, to have an entire menu to choose from.

Stereo was pretty small inside from what I saw, although I believe it has more than one level. The decor was nice though. The staff were attentive, brought over a menu and came back to take our order within 5 minutes.

After much consideration I went for something I had never heard of, a Shamuchan Turkish Pizza Wrap which was filled with spiced haggis, cabbage, pickled onion and garlic mayo and served with a side salad.

Stereo Review Glasgow

Shamuchan Turkish Wrap and Salad

It was really delicious, at home I don’t use vegan mayo, something about white foods always makes me feel a little off (weird I know?), but I’m happy to try it when I’m out and it made the filling really creamy which is different from what I usually eat. My omnivore friend had a margherita calzone which looked nice too, he enjoyed it.

Overall it was a nice lunch, good company, reasonable price (<£10 for lunch and a drink) and decent food. If I had one minor complaint it would be that our table was wobbly. Literally tiny complaint there, other than that I will definitely be back. It’s location right next to Central Station makes it a must visit for me, after reading about Stereo on trip advisor (and leaving a stereo review here) I would like to go back on a Monday to try the tapas special. I will get there eventually!

Carrot Hot Dogs – Dinner

Carrot Hot Dogs – Healthy Junk Food

Carrot Hot Dogs, when I first saw the recipe for these online I found it hilarious but appealing. I’ve got to be honest, in my pre-vegan days I can’t imagine I would have ever bothered attempting to make these. Too much effort, for carrots in rolls? Madness! However, when you consider what goes into an actual hot dog, it’s actually quite gross. I know some people love them but if you see how they are actually made, that weird, definitely not food like pink sludge. It makes me feel sick just thinking about it. I always felt a little weird eating hot dogs when I was an omni, but I did still eat them. They are one food I do not miss. Moving on to the vegan options, I have tried fry’s vegan hot dogs but I found they had an unusual taste, they were edible, just not enjoyable.

In come the carrot hot dogs! I can’t remember where I first saw them, I imagine it was possibly Instagram (I see everything on there!)  but I genuinely can’t remember. This recipe by was the one that I followed, the following is the recipe from that website,

  • 2 large carrots, peeled
  • 1/8 Cup of Soy Sauce
  • 1/4 Cup of Water
  • 1 Tbsp Rice Vinegar
  • 1 Tbsp Sesame Oil
  • 1/2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1/2 Tsp Liquid Smoke
  • 1/2 Tsp Garlic Powder
  • 1/4 Tsp Dried Ginger
  • 1/4 Tsp Black Pepper
  • 1/8 Tsp Onion Powder
  • Olive oil for cooking

That is pretty much the recipe from but it’s definitely worth checking out her site for more recipes! I’m grateful for this one, because I am pleased to say that the carrot hot dogs were actually delicious!

Carrot Hot Dogs

Carrot hot dogs after cooking.

The above pic is three of them after cooking. The method essentially is mix together all ingredients except the carrots. Then put the carrots in the mix and marinade for as long as you can, the recommended was 24 hours, unfortunately I forgot about that stage but did mine for a couple of hours but they still had a nice flavour.

Once they are marinaded you fry them, it takes quite a while for them to take on the darkness. You put in some oil and some of the marinade, I basically kept adding marinade all the way through the cooking process. I would say they took around 15 minutes to get to the above stage.

Carrot hot dogs

The finished meal!

There is the finished meal, I am definitely making them again. Okay, they weren’t exactly like hot dogs, nowhere near in fact, but to be honest I think I would have been a little freaked out had they been. I preferred the flavour and texture of these when compared to Fry’s, and with the mustard, tomato sauce and onions in a roll they were really tasty, and healthy! Win Win!

For links to all of my food pages go here.

Mono Review – Glasgow – Eating Out

Mono Review – Vegan Dining in Glasgow

I felt the need to do a Mono review after I had a trip out with my daughter today  on a girls day out for her 8th birthday. I, at this date (11/06/16), have been vegan for 7 months, and my now 8 year old daughter for around 4 – 5. Where we are located there are very few (no!) vegan options for dining other than the standard chips, possibly garlic bread, possibly a baked potato with beans, but up the road in Glasgow we are spoiled for choice. We don’t get a chance to get out too much but today I took my daughter to Mono for the first time. I have been once previously with a friend but it was before I started this website, I may cover what I had then at some point but today I am reviewing what me and my daughter had.

My previous experience with Mono had been an extremely positive one, the decor and feeling is lovely and welcoming, and honestly, it felt nice to be surrounded by other vegans (or even just people open to eating vegan food!). My daughter and I had a main meal and a pudding, I would like to caveat the rest of this post with the *this is not healthy food* warning! Definitely not good for weight loss! However, being able to eat vegan food out somewhere without having to ask a million questions, be surrounded by sides and inevitably send something back was just a delight!

Main Meal

Mono Review 1

Battered Vegan Sausage, Chips and Mushy Peas

Mono Review 2

Vegan Mac and Cheese with Chips








My meal was on the right, the battered sausage, chips and mushy peas. It was all delicious, the mushy peas were extra special although I could have done with a little more, I’m not sure what they had in them, it could have been mint, regardless they were lovely. I enjoyed the battered sausages, I’ve not eaten food like that for a while, my daughter wasn’t keen on the sausages but she can be funny with meat replacements anyway.

My daughter had the mac and cheese. Home made macaroni cheese was her favourite before going vegan, although she always felt sick afterwards, more than likely a lactose intolerance, that was part of the reason for her going vegan. I had attempted to make a vegan version at home using potato, carrot and nooch, but it ended up a sloppy inedible mess. Since then, there has been no Macaroni Cheese for her, until today. She was amazed that this was vegan, I was amazed it was vegan. I actually double checked the menu to ensure that it wasn’t vegetarian, it was definitely vegan. She ate every single bit, apart from the bit I stole. I think this was her best bit of the day! She said she wanted to go back every week after this. I think I need to try some new recipes but we will definitely be going back for more, I’m even going to take my onmi husband as he loves macaroni cheese too, I want him to taste this and hear what he thinks. We also had garlic bread which was, well, garlic bready, but nice!


Pudding is something I’ve not had much of since going vegan, bar cakes that I make myself occasionally. For something sweet I usually go with dark chocolate, fruit, sometimes a couple of biscuits, but I have really cut my desert intake down, mainly due to no availability, although it’s not been a bad thing for me. So, at Mono today, damn right we were having pudding, no matter how full we were!

Mono Review 3

Chocolate and Avocado Cheesecake with a walnut base, salted caramel and raspberries.

Mono Review 4

Banana split – no nuts








Our puddings are above. The cheesecake, it is the first cheesecake I have had in 7 months. While I have never really missed food like this, I was partial to cheesecake in my old days. This cheesecake, it was heavenly. That is the only word for it. The 7 month wait almost made it better. I don’t even really like avocado but I couldn’t even taste it. I could have eaten about 4 bits if I had room left. 100% recommend. Really, get the cheesecake.

The banana split, it tasted nice to me! My daughter didn’t eat a lot but I think that was from being full after the mac and cheese, and she eats vegan ice cream at home so it wasn’t extra special like the cheesecake but she still enjoyed it. But really, it was all about the cheesecake!

Mono Review 5

Vegan Doughnuts

Lastly, we brought a couple of doughnuts home for later in the evening. Also, first doughnut in 7 months, also, delicious!

Overall, Mono is a lovely cafe/bar. It has a nice ambiance, it is child friendly, the staff are helpful and pleasant. It’s not traditional, but in a world of tradition, difference needs to occur somewhere. When you are used to going to chain restaurants who barely provide a main meal option for you, places like Mono are highly appreciated. We will definitely be going back, I get the feeling we may become fairly regular there, well as regular as time and financial constraints allow.

There will be many more Mono Reviews, and I cannot wait!

Mono can be found at 12 Kings Court, Glasgow, G1 5RB. If you are interested in visiting Mono, here will take you to their website, I highly recommend it, vegan or not!

You can view my overall food page if you would like to see other food that I eat.

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