I saw a nice story a couple of days ago, about Greggs the bakers. They really skyrocketed into the vegan sphere early last year when they launched the anticipated vegan sausage roll.

I’ve had a few throughout the year, and while I do admit they are highly processed, high in fat and sodium, it is also great to have them readily available, hot, on the high street. Not only for vegans, the amount of people I have seen buying them, they cannot all be vegan. They launched their vegan steak bake this January, and while I’ve not had a chance to try it yet (my no takeaways in January rule), my husband, and others have said it is lovely.

Greggs decided to give their staff a bonus of up to £300 from the success of the vegan sausage roll. Greggs do already give their staff a dividend as I believe they are a cooperative, but this was an additional bonus of up to £300 purely because of the success of the new vegan option.

This really shows how successful vegan options can be, it can’t only be vegans buying these, there aren’t enough of us. It gives me hope though that lots of meat eaters are also buying these and while it’s not the full step to vegan, every move away from meat is better for everyone. If these vegan options are good, it will hopefully encourage more and more vegan choices, and that makes me happy.

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