Vegfest Scotland 2016 – Volunteering with the Vegan Society

Day 1 – Saturday 3rd December 2016

I love Vegfest! I thought I best get that out there as it’s true. The only thing I don’t love about Vegfest is that I don’t have enough money to buy everything that I see. For me, vegan festivals are a chance to meet other vegans, and be surrounded by people who share the same mindset. Other than my daughter, and some people I have met through volunteering, I know no other vegans. I really need to make some actual friends, who I can spend time with who are vegan. Of course, being vegan isn’t the only thing that matters to me, I have lots of awesome friends and family who aren’t vegan and who I love very much, but sometimes you just want to be around other people who share your philosophy. For me, this is what vegfest means. Awesome food, interesting people, and educational talks, and most of all fun!

I had previously volunteered with the Vegan Lifestyle Association, but sadly they wrapped up not too long ago. My previous volunteering experience had taught me that I definitely would like to continue with some form of activism. I am already the local contact in Inverclyde for the Vegan Society, and they are one of the most recognisable front facing charities promoting veganism so thought I may as well drop them an email and see if I could join in. Happily, they were looking for volunteers for Vegfest, so I signed up for the Saturday, knowing on the Sunday I would be taking my daughter.

I arrived at Vegfest on Saturday and quickly grabbed some lunch from the greedy fox stand. One of the best things about vegfest, being able to eat EVERYTHING without worrying about what is in it!

Vegfest Scotland 2016 Greedy Fox

This messy looking picture is a pulled seitan burger with coleslaw bought from Greedy Rabbit Catering. It was really difficult to eat, but the taste was delicious! I ate it with as much speed as possible and headed over to the Vegan society stand to get my t-shirt.



Vegfest Scotland 2016 me

Having been given my T-shirt I shot off to get changed, excuse my stupid face, I was in the toilets in a rush here! I had been sent out information already about what happens on the stand, I had researched the vegan society also so I knew more solidly their aims, what they do, who they work with etc. I met the lovely Ellie, Peter and Alex who all work for the Vegan Society down in Birmingham. They showed me how to use the till, card-reader, pricing etc and off I went.

It was a three hour, busy stint, but honestly, I loved every minute. A lot of people who I spoke to weren’t fully vegan, it always surprises me how many non-vegans attend a vegan festival, it shows there is a lot of interest though. I spoke to what felt like hundreds of people, my throat was hoarse afterwards. I suppose there isn’t really much detail I can give about volunteering other than be ready to speak to many many people, some of whom have been vegan for years, others who have just switched, and many who are considering it. Be ready to speak about all aspects of veganism, ethics, health, environmental issues, food, families, ease of going vegan, cost, every single thing you could think of will come up! I thoroughly recommend volunteering though. For me, being vegan is a start but realistically I would like to encourage others to become vegan in the most affective way for me. Part of that process is having this website, my instagram, facebook and twitter. Getting the message out there in hopefully a positive way. I’m thinking about taking my activism further, although I will speak about that more in my next post about Day 2 at vegfest.

Vegfest Scotland 2016 All About Patisserie


To finish this post I will share some delicious cake that I bought from the All About Patisserie. Both were delicious, one being Banana and Chocolate and the other being Apple and Cinnamon. The Apple and Cinnamon was so good I went back on Sunday and got another piece! Part two coming tomorrow.