The last week has just been chaotic, and as the title of this post suggest, I am forcing myself back on the Weight Loss Wagon. It started with my husband, he got the flu (a bad cold) and had days of being ill, all of last weekend he was so miserable, and I knew it was just a matter of time until it was me. Back before going vegan I just had to hear the word ill to suddenly become sick myself, usually for an extended period.

Tuesday I just felt not quite right, not ill, but not great, not so much physically, but mentally I just struggled to get going. Wednesday I woke up with a sore throat praying that I wasn’t getting tonsillitis for the first time in about 2 years. Thursday my nose was running, slight temperature, and by Friday it was pretty much gone. I was shocked, my husband still isn’t feeling well and is adamant I didn’t have the same thing as him but after all my worry I had two days of feeling a bit off and that was it.

However, me and my husband had some time to ourselves this weekend and that means one thing, eating! I have eaten too much, two (to be fair smallish) takeaways, a whole bag of peanuts at the cinema, some vegan doughnuts, yeah it’s not been good. But as of today I’m getting back on the weight loss wagon. I’m showing a little gain but I reckon a day or two of eating properly and that will be gone, it’s probably fluid retention after salty fatty foods.

I am considering a bit of a change though, I’ve got to be honest, I’m struggling with Slimming World, do other Vegans feel like this? There are certain things that I honestly feel aren’t too bad but they have to be synned, for example last night I had sausages and mash, the calorie count of the sausages was a paltry 128 calories (Morrisons vegan ones) but syn wise they are 4! Out of only 15, it feels harsh. I don’t know if I am just a calorie counter at heart but I do feel Slimming World is harder for vegans. I do a lot of cooking, but sometimes with kids I need to eat convenience food and it is heavily penalised. The other thing is smoothies, I will sometimes have a smoothie with no more fruit that I would usually eat (One banana, pear and a handful of berries), with 20g of Porridge Oats and a glug of Oatly, this is 5 syns! I get it, it’s not in its whole form, but the whole doesn’t fill you up you end up eating more argument just isn’t correct for me, a smoothie with oats in it takes longer for me to drink than eating and it really does fill me up. I know, I could just not count this but then I feel like I’m cheating. I also find all of the talk at group of meat and muller lights a bit overwhelming. I’m the only vegan there and it’s lonely.

So, for the moment I’m back on my fitness pal, well I never actually left, I’ve been calorie counting the whole time too, but I’m weighing more, and paying more attention. Any feedback from other vegan slimming worlders is appreciated. ┬áRunning has been missing for the last week too but I’ll be back to that tomorrow morning at the gym.