I reached the end of my mostly SP week, with two days spent at vegfest eating rather a lot I still managed to lose a pound! I did stick to it religiously around those two days, and I didn’t go completely off the rails either, although I ate way more than I generally do I guess. So losing a pound is pretty good.

I need to get my weight losses higher though, this one pound a week is very frustrating. I know that people say 1 – 2 pounds is all that can be expected, but man I just wish I could lose a little faster. When you have so far to go, 1 – 2 pounds a week seems like forever. If I lost at that rate it would take me to nearly this time next year to get to my goal target weight of 10 stone, I currently have 87 left to lose.

SP was good! But it felt restrictive as a vegan, while there is a fair choice of beans, lentils etc, I struggled to make things using these and tended to stick to either baked beans or quorn over the week. I only had pasta, rice and potatoes once though on my non SP days, and I think this must have helped my weight loss. I do think my suspicion about eating too big portion sizes of these foods was probably correct. Last night I weighed my pasta to a 85g dry portion, still large, 70g is the recommended, but instead of worrying about how big it was I knew, I checked the calories and saw it was well within normal ranges.

I’ll share my SP food diary for the 5 days of last week that I followed it, and maybe it will help any other vegans who are thinking about some SP time.


Breakfast – HexB for bread, 1 syn for maple rashers, spinach and tomato speed, 10g vegan cheese HexA

Lunch – Stir fry veg speed, quorn fillet protein, melon speed, soy sauce free

Dinner – carrots, turnip, brocolli and cabbage speed, gravy 1.5 syns, homemade haggis (recipe coming up) – protein and speed, porridge second HexB

Body Magic – None

Syns used – 2.5


Breakfast – Bread – HexB, Maple Rashers – 1 syn, tomatoes, spinach, tangerine and melon speed, 10g Vegan cheese – HexA

Lunch – Bread – HexB, Fry’s Sausages – 0,5 syns, tomato, spinach, onion and mushrooms – speed, baked beans – protein

Dinner – lettuce, courgette, jalapenos, tomatoes, cucumber – speed,  chilli beans and quorn – protein, hot sauce – 1 syn

Apro yoghurt – 2 syns, fruit – speed

Body Magic – 45 minutes gym, 15 minute dog walk

Syns used – 3.5


Breakfast – Porridge and Chia – HexB, Rice milk – HexA, Alpro – 0,5 syns, Agave Nectar – 0.5 syns, Berries and plum – Speed

Lunch – Bread – HexB, beans leftover – protein, salad – speed, hot sauce – 1 syn

Dinner – Veg casserole – speed, cabbage, brocolli, turnips and carrots – speed, chickpeas – protein, dumplings – 8 syns

Body Magic – 15 minute dog walk

Syns used – 12


Breakfast – Porridge and Chia – HexB, Rice milk – HexA, Alpro – 0,5 syns, Agave Nectar – 0.5 syns, Berries and plum – Speed

Lunch – Pre-made shop sandwich – 10 syns (removing 6 for HexB), tangerine – speed

Dinner – Fry’s sausages – 1 syn, Baked Beans – Protein, Pepper, Carrots, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, celery – speed

Body magic – 15 minute dog walk

Syns used – 12


Breakfast – Bread – HexB, Baked Beans – Protein, Mushrooms, Onion, Jalapeno- Speed, Hot sauce – 0.5 syns

Lunch – Stir fry pack – mostly speed, quorn fillet – protein, hot sauce – 1 syn

Dinner – Baked Beans – protein, Wrap – HexB, pepper, onion, mushrooms, tomato, jalapeno – speed, linda mccartney pulled chicken – 2 syns, bbq sauce – 2 syns

Body magic – 15 minute dog walk

Syns used – 5.5

I’m not going to use SP this week, but I am going to start weighing my portion sizes of rice, pasta, potatoes, poha, cous cous etc, just to keep an eye on these and make sure that they aren’t affecting my weight loss.

Also,  I thought I would share my most liked nine pictures from Instagram last year, the amount of beans in these is hilarious!

Vegan Slimming World - Week 5

Lastly, next week at our Slimming World Group is the Christmas party and we are to bring food. Any ideas on what to take that is vegan and slimming world friendly to a taster would be appreciated! I have no clue at the moment.