The frustrations of being stuck on a weight loss plateau

There are many annoying things in life worse but at the moment I am being plagued with being stuck on a weight loss plateau. My weight has refused to budge bar one or two pounds up then back down to the original weight for months now. I am becoming incredibly frustrated with the whole process. Some days I eat a little too much, but most others I eat at a deficit required to lose weight, around 1500 calories with 10,000 ish steps, but still my weight does not move. I am not a fan of enforced starvation, I love food too much, but this needs to change or else I will still be trying to lose weight when I’m 40 (and I really am ready to be in a body of normal size).

So, although I have heard that weight loss is 90% diet and 10% exercise, I need to change things up. I am not doing enough exercise. Now that I am working full time I am struggling to have balance in my life, but I must sort this out before a bad routine sets in permanently.

Starting next week I am going to add swimming into my routine, plus, I’m going to try to hit my step goal every single day. Work is harder physically than uni was, and I have been getting lazy with my early starts too, often waking up too late to take the dog out for a walk and having to get my son to do it later, so I will add this in. One 30 minute fast walk in the morning, swimming twice a week in the evening and any other exercise I can fit in.

Regarding the diet, I have been doing okay but I feel I’m eating too many things like bread, sweet things, just generally being a little lazy when what I really want to do be doing is leaning a little more towards the whole foods plant based side, rather than the quick, on the go side. I won’t be able to do this overnight but I will be moving this way so keep an eye on my instagram┬áto see how it goes. I have a wedding to attend next month, plus I am volunteering at some upcoming vegan events and would really like to lose some more damn weight and smash through this weight loss plateau!

My next post will be about the wedding I recently attended, plus how it feels to have lost 50 pounds.